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The meaning of true fannish desperation.

I took a short break from Due South reading to explore--I have no idea, but I blame sdwolfpup and out_there for the entire fact I am reading in a fandom where my understanding of the canon is based on a vid and a horrified write-up by amireal. But no. It's worse.

In your One True Fandom (or two, mine are SGA and dS currently), it's acceptable to read the badfic. I mean, I can rationalize that to myself; it's a slow day. Fraser crying while pregnant with Dief's puppies or Rodney--well, insert a terrifying fic idea there--that's okay. It's your fandom. You may curse their names and fic, but they are yours and even the most deformed and diseased of bunnies are still, you know, family. You look at them with tolerant hate and admit you are a junkie.

I just don't have this excuse for reading bad Prison Break. Or possibly bad American Idol fic. Or really bad....never mind, just, no excuse. No reason. But there I am at two in the morning reading Part X of Five Billion Badfic and just hating myself so much while I click Part Next. It's so sad.

In other news less traumatizing....


Since I have the Wii and the Wii Fit, I started research to find what else I will need--er, Child will need--so as to have a satisfying gaming experience. And I found there are Wii Zapper and Wii light sabres (LIGHT SABRES! OMG! SAY IT! WII LIGHTSABRES!) and Nerf sports stuff and and Wii Surgery Kit and WiiCooking Kit. Click on links. Because wow.

So this begs the question when I saw my list was officially Way More Than I Can Afford....

Be honest. Is there a Wii Sex Toy? Because basically, that is all that is missing here.

Also, for those with Wiis, what are the necessities? I started a list, but I'd like to know what I really need and what I probably won't or don't need immediately.
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