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Insta!rec -- Lied
children of dune - leto 1
Read it now, choke laughing, and then read it again.

Lied by Mereid.

Gotta love a proactive Clark.

"Didn't Mr. Luthor bring a date?" A young woman breathed airily at Clark's
side. "He looks *so* handsome."

"He does, doesn't he?" Clark sighed, touching the back of his hand to his nose,
and sniffing a little. "He's so brave. After Troy, well. We didn't think he'd
ever go out in public again..."

I'm in love. *Happy*

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Thanks for the rec! I haven't sniggereed that much since... well, since I read the muppet/SV crossover this morning, actually. It's a good day for funny fics.

Good luck on the dental thingy coming up. Hope it doesn't hurt.

While that story was lovely, it is not actually original. I read a similar story in Sentinel fandom a couple of years ago. I don't really remember which of them was lying about which... but it was defenetly there. There were both veneral desease lie and the impotence lie (that I could remember).

yeah, it's Francesca's "Obfuscator" stories. At least that's what it says in the author's notes to "Lied" - so at least the debt is acknowledged. I suppose that makes it "homage" rather than "plagerism"?

It's polite to aknowledge inspiration. :) I have to admit that I did not read the notes.

I think she was pretty thorough in her acknowledgement:


I read Francesca's Sentinel story "Obfuscator" and the sequel, "Obfuscator, too". ( http://snark.trickster.org/francesca/ ) She is one of my all-time favorite Sentinel authors. Afterwards, I thought, "how could I do this Smallville-style?" My version pales in comparison, but it has made a few friends laugh.


And I think she did a great job with the re-mix into Smallville's universe.


Absolutely not plagerism

Full acknowledgement absolutely means that it isn't "plagerism". We can call it "homage" or a "re-mix" or ....


As long as the debt is acknowledged it is perfectly acceptable to post this sort of story. In fact the author even sent a note to Francesa with a link to "Lied" saying she had done a take on the "Obfuscator" stories.

Plagerists tend to claim full credit and hide their sources. Which, as you pointed out, is not what happened here, since it was up front in the notes what the inspiration was.

Re: Absolutely not plagerism

absolutely. please accept my sincere apologies for not making myself clear. Also note that I was the one who indeed pointed out the author's note of acknowledgement.

It actually says in the story header that I read Francesca's "Obfuscator" and "Obfuscator, Too" first and wondered how I could do that in Smallville. I wasn't being original on purpose, just having fun. The link is also listed.

I am sorry. I have to confess to not reading notes to fic, except to determine fandom and pairing. When some people pointed me towards the notes, I've realised that it is homage.

I'm sorry for being grouchy yesterday. I had a bad day, and then when I saw the messages I just got kinda bent. It was very important to me to make sure Francesca got mentioned. She's a great writer, and I really admire her work. I just didn't want anybody to think that I was stealing or plagarizing.

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