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and the crappy week award goes to bandflesh

Wow. Gakked from giddygeek:

Bandflesh on Journalfen was deleted, not the entire community, just all the posts, which pretty much amounts to the same thing. And apparently the gmail account as well? (Please correct me if I'm wrong.)

That sucks. My sympathies to the bandfleshers on my flist and everyone else affected. I had a mod once who deleted a two year old community I was very active in, and also the only one for that pairing at that time, and I'm still pissed how much we lost in history and list culture and memories. It's irreplaceable. I'm sorry for your loss, especially for those of you who were there to watch it happen in real time and be unable to do anything. I know you'll come back from this, but right now, it's painful to think about what's gone.

ETA: Context:

Because I keep leaving basically the same comment everywhere. by giddygeek

Also here by loveyouallwrong and here by lovinspike247

ETA 2: To clarify what was lost here (yes, my anger's escalating the more I think and read on this), from an email I just received:

Eighteen months, over 600,000 comments, deleted piece by piece while the members watched in real time unable to stop it. That's horrific.
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