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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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the world, she is bright
better than cookies
New Star Trek Trailer

I will see this movie if I have to climb over the twitching bodies of fanboys I shiv on my way to the ticket counter. Child will be the distraction. We shall be invincible.

*happy* Watch.

(Deleted comment)
Bring fake ears and the glazed eyes of crazy-fen. They'll move right out of the way.

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(Deleted comment)
I love this!!! And little Spock was so cute, and Sylar looks perfect as Spock.

I'm going need to sharpen my shiv.



Ah, Trek. My first fannish love, and all these decades years later you can still make my little heart go pit-a-pat. *g* Don't know whether it's going to be very good or very bad, but I'll be there.

Yes, this.

I'm not sure how much I care about bad now. I mean, Enterprise....

All I ask is Kirk without a shirt and Kirk/Spock subtext and the ship shooting many many things. Then I am happy.


The world trembles when they hear the steps of fangirls.

ok, wait, where do you live again? 'cause i so wanna see you do that!

*grins* My shiv is a mighty shiv. Or you know, cleavage.

I just posted about the new trailer tonight on my LJ :) Watched it three times on a loop just to catch Paul McGillion's 2 seconds.

I want to lick the trailer. If he can act as good as he looks, that's going to be a great Kirk.

We should somehow do this together. Even if it is by CELLPHONE. This is one movie I might do a midnight showing of.

(Deleted comment)
*heehee* I saw it this evening on the teevee and nearly combusted with SHEER GLEE.


My life? Complete.

If you get shivin', I want to know what theater you'll be at, because I want to see the blood of the fanboys run. It's like the massacre of the younglings, but more fun. I strongly support Child being the distraction, too - he needs to learn early how to regulate on fanboys, so that he may be their King.

(PS - I am SO EXCITED, and I haven't even seen the trailer on the big screen yet. OMGGGGGGGG)


My first slash otp.


The words and music alone give me chills. Now if only they can act -- does anyone know? Or, well, to be authentic, maybe "kinda act" would be better. Or overact, perhaps.*g*

I may look like a harmless middle aged lady, but no one's getting between me and my first soulmated guys. *bares claws*

Hell yes. They are--yes. Yes yes yes.

Can I just follow behind you? Hope that's okay.

Totally making notes on your tactics, might have to do that here (that or flash the fanboys and make 'em faint. Less messy.)

I am so very excited about this. I am not sure where I'll be when it comes out, but if I'm still in Indiana I am totally banding together with my best friend, ordering tickets early online, and then showing up to the theater super early with best friend and notebooks in tow, so we can combine fandom and productivity. \o/

Seriously, I'm right there with you.