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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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joy cometh in the morning
children of dune - leto 1
My son asked to read Twilight.

I don't know about anyone else, but my week just got exponentially better. However, I have learned a valuable lesson today; cackling hysterically when I see the book in his hands is apparently not at all reassuring.

The only way this day could be better is if someone dropped a dozen Maltese puppies on the front porch. Any minute now. I'm waiting.

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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I have them all unfortunately. I was weak! It was hard to resist!

Perhaps their TRUE LOVE will be an inspiration to him. I know it was for me.

*skips away while scattering rose petals*

My hopes are unending he will learn of true love like this.

I'm debating reading it myself. For the sole purpose of rightious indignation and irritability. It is just there, waiting for me with sparkles!

*nods seriously* You should. It will sparkle at you.

I am easily made happy.

(Deleted comment)
I am trying to decide what reaction I want out of him. Either one works for me on a personal satisfaction level.

So are we rooting for him to get all the way to Breaking Dawn just for the inevitable mental scarring that would result?

Oh hell yes. If I had to read it, he should have to read it. His horror will be like chocolate.

I dazzle all on my own!

hee. If he writes little evil comments in the corner of the book, I really want to hear them, please.

I would be deeply amused. *glee*

Though I'm not a fan of the books I'm deeply amused that the Child wants to read it. =D

I can't wait read your commentary on his reaction!

Psst, also, if you could get him hooked on Jim Butcher's Dresden Files? I'll flail in glee like a flaily thing.

He watched the show, but I should get him the books. Hmm.

Puppies make everything better!

But it would be hard to improve on this particular delight.

It really *would* be. *mulls*

a dozen Maltese puppies on the front porch.

You are totally going over the edge. I fear for your sanity.

There was supposedly a big deal for the whole Twilight thing at the Mall of America this weekend. Reading the fine print, the tweens were supposed to by a $30 shirt from Hot Topic to get a wristband to stand in line to possibly meet the cast. Really, that says it all.

My boys are (thankfully) not interested, yet. They saw the movie preview and asked why everyone was wearing so much makeup and why it looked like a music video.

i would buy your child a puppy. or maybe contribute to his 'taking over the world' fund.


please to be posting reactions. XD

I haven't read Twilight, but I'm vicariously amused.

(Also, holy CRAP is Benton Fraser hot in that icon.)

I think the thing all the poo-pooers over the "Twilight" series miss is that if it's got kids chewing their way through books, it's a good thing. And it opens the door to OTHER books, along the lines of "If you liked that, try THIS!"

I think that this would be true if Twilight didn't express some really terrible views on gender--especially for girls--alongside some truly horrendous writing. This is a little like saying that reading tabloids should be encouraged because it might someday open the door to reading the Economist.

Or maybe I'm just bitter because I sat down to read Twilight wanting to like it only to find out that it was unbearably bad.

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