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children of dune - leto 1
Host Of Internet Spam Groups Is Cut Off, from The Washington Post.

I am going to admit that up until today I had not noticed a sixty-six percent drop in my spam. However, I will believe them because the internet never lies.

...has anyone noticed a drop in spam, by any chance?

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Definitely. I got maybe two overnight in my gmail account and it's usually much more than that.

Most of my e-mail accounts don't get that much spam, but the one that usually does suprisingly only had legitimate mail in the spam folder for once. I'm wondering if this is maybe why.

I went from 60 to 70 spam messages a day down to 20 or 30. Unfortunately, they are down to the boring ones. I miss the fake MSN ones that had things like "Cheney is secretly a goldfish" and "Palin finds god in a polar bear, church denies existence."

I have. I used to get tons of it, including a metric buttload of Cyrillic spam. It seems like it's been steadily decreasing over the past six months or so, especially the Russian spam, with occasional marked drops. (like suddenly going from twenty or so a day to seven or so a day.) In the past couple of days it's dropped to maybe three a day. Yay!

Edited at 2008-11-14 06:57 pm (UTC)

Definitely, yeah. Most of my spam gets filtered pretty efficiently and I'm too lazy and/or ickified to go count the actual numbers, but the ones that make it through the filter have dropped from a dozen to a few.

I did, definitely - and already started wondering why. Thanks for the link :)

... actually, yes. Huh.

248 in the past 24 hours, which is pretty much par for the course over the last six months or so.

Huh. Now that you mention it... haha.

yeah, it has decreased in the past few days, though I'd not consciously noticed it until you pointed this out.

I wouldn't say it was that much of a decrease, but there's a definite decrease.

Instead of the 17 different messages I usually get every day, I got 17 (I actually counted) of the same message. Variety being the spice of life and all that, it's not exactly an improvement in my book. Though if I was on the fence about "enhancement" before, it might have just pushed me over the edge.

Yes, I thought it was some new filter.

Yeah, I noticed I've gotten a lot less than usual the last few days.

Not really. I notice changes in spam volume over time, some weeks I get only 5-10 mails in my spam folder per day other days it's 50-100, but the drops never last. Thankfully the volume of spam outside of spam filters is very low.

Well, on most of my accounts it really has dropped over the last few weeks, which is nice. I hope it stays this way.

Around 45%, judging by our spam-filter stats.

...has anyone noticed a drop in spam, by any chance?

I've noticed a huge drop in the last several weeks, which obviously has nothing to do with this news.

I suspect my domain host just got a better spam filter.

I don't know whether there is any connection but for the last two days we received so little spam in the office that I was seriously thinking about calling our ISP and asking what the hell happened. In my experience, disappearance of spam usually means there's a delivery problem and we are losing part of our business correspondence too. The possibility that drop in spam is actually the result of somebody doing something right did not occur to me.

I actually have noticed a decrease. My work email used to have at least 25 a day. I've had 2 or 3 at most the last few days. 1 today... :-)

I never get spam at work and I ignore my gmail spam folder, but just now when I checked there were only 100 messages, so I'm thinking yes, dramatic drop. I've deleted them and will be keeping an eye out. :) Yay!

I don't know, but my Gmail account had 500+ spam emails from the last month.

Actually my work addy's spam has been going overboard. There's some stream that's completely bypassing the filter and just being in the inbox. What's even weird is that most of the time the RE lines are non-sexual, though still disturbing - "Bush Killed Michelle Obama" has popped up a coupla times.

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