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my day goes like this

So you might ask, why, Jenn, are you home in the middle of the day?

Excellent question. Excellent.

I'll start with this. Yesterday, in our four floor building, all the bathrooms overflowed. Into water. In the hall downstairs. It is a main hall, and there is nothing quite as surreal as coming out of a meeting, coming downstairs, and finding out a.) no bathroom in the building works anymore and b.) guy pushing water across the rugs. They are working today.

This week, the elevator is also broken in a very obvious, creepy way with a half-way open door and an elevator that went a little lower than the bottom floor, solidifying my desire never to get into one. I am telling you, stairs are friendly. Then all day yesterday, mysterious men were up on ladders pulling panels from the ceiling and making me nervous, leading to....

Today, the electricity to my cubicle went out. After four hours, I gave up and asked to go home. Just my and my boss' cubicle were affected, but he could find a stretcher for his surge protector and I couldn't.

The thing is, his first reaction was for both of us, another cubicle! Problem. We save everything to private network drives--that's policy. Nothing is supposed to be on the hard drive but programs. Nothing. Everything stays in our own lettered drive so it's easy to transfer us around, and by easy, I mean, it is easy if you are changing jobs--it's just mapping the drive to the new computer. Harder if not impossible to get someone to do it for like, a day to a new computer, and to be honest, nerve-wrecking because pulling a profile up into a new computer means I need someone to come back and take it away again and my network drive is all my work and email and life for five years at the agency. Some of the programs are also set to our particular place in the network as well, so I can't access Program X from Computer Y using my username and password because it won't recognize me.


I ended up napping in my cubicle, which I am ashamed of, but not really because during a new testing session I do all my paper-type and hard copy work before I start for organizational purposes. I am not just up to date; I reorganized all my testing notebooks and history already in hard copy and did my relabels before this release started. There was nothing to do.

So I am home in my jammies while other people work and get flu shots. Christ, I need a second job. Not even because I really want to spend more time away from work; I need the freaking challenge of doing something.

*sighs* Universe. Gah.
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