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the art of calculating lux during one's free time

So I threw out the boxes the bulbs came in, but luckily for us, we are lazy and the bag I'd put them in fell under a sideboard and so now I can tell you exactly what bulbs I bought, so as to be accurate when I talk about my spiritual experience bathed in their light.

This is where I talk about my relationship with lightbulbs and also, shopping.

TCP SpringLamp 23W, initial lumens 1600, 51K and will last fifteen thousand hours, which, while I have never timed my light use, nor am I going to now, will be more than one to two months unless I live in the TARDIS. Please God let the Doctor have a better way of making light than this, that's all I have to say.

....kind of want to try the 67K now, but I'm kind of scared what actual color my walls are now, not to mention my once-olive-now-electric-lime-green-(dark lime)-blanket because that? Can screw with a girl's head.

However, now I am confused. Because deadlychameleon, being you know, all fact oriented and scary, gave me a new word known as lux. I have her friended and right now, I do not remember why because of course, I had to go see what this lux was about.

So this afternoon, after a brief detour into reading about the history of Palestine, which turned out to be disturbingly relevant to my son's social studies class (in the name of God do not ask, because frankly, explaining MidEast relations over the last three to five millennium was not in the parenting manual and I'm pissed) me and wikipedia got together and did not get along. Apparently, my lumens and my kevlins mean nothing unless I can calculate lux. Which seems to be an equation involving the space of my room and three bulbs at 1600 lumens each that aren't centered in the room. There's an equation. I'm sharing because I can.

Context: Lux because you learn something new every day.

1 lx = 1 lm·m-2 = 1 cd· sr·m–2 (I ignored the second part. Don't judge me.)

So I measured my room and came with this estimate of roughly 3m by 5m, which isn't exact and God knows how I got that because it's not like I have measuring tape and there's this furniture stuff in the way, but go with it.

x = 1600(3) x 15m-2
X = 4800/15m2
x = 340 lux, which they state is like Australian office, but my room is brighter than that, so I think math sucks and my now-electric-lime-green-(dark lime)-blanket is telling the truth.

So it is lying and my room is liken unto a sunrise (400 lux) or perhaps higher, and I think having white walls counts for extra reflective illumination. There's also a lot of psychology involved. And looking directly at them hurts.

They really need to give me work to do more often. Anyone want a reference list of what I read today? I started with lux and ended up in the History of Israel. I don't want to know how that happened nor will I explain, but suffice to say, I really wish it were January where I could order books willy-nilly and not, you know, cash-strapped November of pre-Christmas joy, because this can't be healthy.

ETA: Pictures of The Light Bulb Shop's Awesome Roof Thing though I admit, yes, the guy is creepy.
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