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I don't know about anyone else's day, but...

A few minutes ago, a posting was taken down from craigslist, which is I'm sure not terribly unique. In this case, a person placed an add in the free column offering up a baby grand piano to whoever would like it. Apparently, her husband ran off and left her*.

I will just say, kinda wanna find out if she meant it. Now it is gone and we can only mourn and marvel at a man who has never read snopes in his life and apparently didn't think this through too well. I am not so much celebrating destruction or such of personal property, but embrancing the spirit of freecycling she obviously was trying to teach. As one does.

This? Is a good day. And it does not hurt I have tomorrow off, which means my joy is tenfold and my cup runneth over.

*Yes, it could be fake, but isn't it so much funnier if it wasn't? Do you really want to take that away from me? Do you?
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