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i am missing something here big time

Okay, so I've been running profile in beta since they offered it, so granted, I'm really used to it. But I'm seriously confused; what exactly is wrong with it besides being rather stark?

(Also granted, I'm a huge fan of stark and simple.)

I'm reading the complaints and while some of the issues (the bio customization) aren't ones that relate to me since I don't put anything in there but text, the rest seem to be talking about a profile page that is nothing like the one I'm looking at.

I am also all over those tiny arrows that close and open up sections; that pleases.

Controversy at lj_design here and here, and featured on Fandom Wank here.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check your profile for the new layout.

ETA: niqaeli reminded me of this: Kat's Page, please squint. This, two failed frame experiments, a period of black background/white text and thinking it was a brilliant idea to make a single image a background and imbed an imagemap on it is why my webpage is exactly three colors plus simple images. Those were dark times, people.

...seriously. I created that background myself. I leave it there when I get flights of fancy with css to remind me of the dark side.
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