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i am missing something here big time
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, so I've been running profile in beta since they offered it, so granted, I'm really used to it. But I'm seriously confused; what exactly is wrong with it besides being rather stark?

(Also granted, I'm a huge fan of stark and simple.)

I'm reading the complaints and while some of the issues (the bio customization) aren't ones that relate to me since I don't put anything in there but text, the rest seem to be talking about a profile page that is nothing like the one I'm looking at.

I am also all over those tiny arrows that close and open up sections; that pleases.

Controversy at lj_design here and here, and featured on Fandom Wank here.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check your profile for the new layout.

ETA: niqaeli reminded me of this: Kat's Page, please squint. This, two failed frame experiments, a period of black background/white text and thinking it was a brilliant idea to make a single image a background and imbed an imagemap on it is why my webpage is exactly three colors plus simple images. Those were dark times, people.

...seriously. I created that background myself. I leave it there when I get flights of fancy with css to remind me of the dark side.

I too have no idea why people hate it this much.

Oh thank God. I mean, I love those open/close arrows like whoa.

I'm with you, I rather like the new profile layout. But then, my profile isn't one of those big graphic heavy ones, it might make a difference. What can I say, my decorative tastes aren't spartan, but it's not that far off.

Yes, this. I love stark. I adore stark. It's easy for me to find what I'm looking for with the minimum require colors. I am totally a dinosaur. *g*

Personally, I don't get why it bugs people. I like the placement of links to the memories and tags section.

I can see the point at the very top section, but again, I've been using it for so long I'm used to knowing where to look.

the bad: white space, clutter, too much scrolling, poor order of key info
(ex here: http://www.journalfen.net/community/fandom_wank/1185562.html?thread=191316762#t191316762)

the good: I like the collapsable sections and how they arranged the friend/community/rss feed.

I don't see the whitespace problem. Is it supposed to be vertical white space or horizontal?

The scroll down--I mean, I looked at the old design, and I'm not seeing a huge difference in the amount of scrolling compared to the old way, with teh exception that the watched communities were categorized with Member of and Posting at the bottom. Closing down the sections shortens the scrolling hugely.

I've had the beta for ages as well but I don't get it - all my bits and bobs in my profile are still there...?


Yeah I can't say I see the problem with it either. I mean I know have to fiddle with my bio a little because it looks slightly weird now because I do have some graphics but there is no big problems with it. *shrugs*

Oh I just wanted to add I'm totally not a fan of stark either and I don't mind it.

I like some things, like that you can now collapse sections, and that the statistics (last posts, joining etc) are up on top, rather than hidden, I find that useful for comms especially and to see whether something is still active.

What I don't mind, since my LJ doesn't really have a title (I'm uncreative that way), is that the title and subtitles are so much less prominent, but I think that will need some getting used to for LJ where that part was kind of like a title/header before, and now it's like a footnote size below the user name.

I think the other thing is, that the profile before wasn't all that broken, IMO, and that they change the interfaces so often when that is something you got used to, is a bit annoying, because you have to acclimate all over once again. I mean, I have customized my desktip to remain the same and have the same arrangement of buttons and such for a decade now, and when my OS updates stuff, I customize it back to be the colors and positioning I'm used to, because I dislike change in my environment.

I have only two issues with the new profile, and neither really pertain to the design, which is in my opinion, no fuglier than the old one.

Issue the first is the last post date now being in everyone's face at the top whereas it used to be hidden under a link at the bottom. Most people wouldn't have thought to go looking before. I'm waiting for the first person to make me justify not letting them in on a filtered post.

Issue the second, which was an issue with the older layout too is that they should allow a change in background colour as an option - especially now that there is more whitespace.

Maybe the arrangement could use some tidying up, but all in all, I think it is an improvement.

Ultimately, I think a lot of people just don't like change and this is as good as an excuse as any to whine about LJ. And I wouldn't mind, but a lot of the comments are just offensive - unnecessarily so for a page that probably doesn't represent a large slice of general LJ viewing. (I'd say I view a profile about once to every 100 LJ page views, if that.)

In other news - This IS fugly. And useless. And who do LJ think they are? Microsoft?

Edited at 2008-11-08 09:34 am (UTC)

Uh, as someone who just used the new settings page to modify three different things without having to poke and prod and guess where things where all over the site but merely look around 1 or possibly two tags, I'm gonna say it's different, but not useless at all, it's definitely better than the way it was. At least everything is centralized. I was skeptical sure, I think clouding the tags was dumb because the things referenced the most are not necessarily the things people want to find the most, HOWEVER it's actually amazingly intuitive for me.


I like it. Then again, I adore black-text-on-white-background pages, with nice simple layouts. I'd rather a profile page which uses more space for text (which this does on the sides) and has the ability for me to hide the "mutual friends" and all those other options if all I'm looking for is a particular LJ name (which is all I use my profile page for: as a quick link to a particular LJ if there was a story/post I wanted to read/comment on but skimmed on my FList).

Then again, people who are all "yay for arty design" probably don't like it but I think it's nifty.

The only thing I am really unhappy about is the ugly and intrusive block of stats at the top, which feels invasive and is clearly for the benefit of LJ and not the user. It was extremely unpopular in the beta stage feedback and they have failed to change it or justify why it is so important. I'm also surprised by how soon after the last round of beta they have rolled this out, since at least one of the designers was commenting to say that they were focusing on usability right now and that visual design wouldn't be addressed until the new year. which I assumed meant that implementation was still some time away.

I do love the ability to collapse sections and have them stay collapsed, though.

(Deleted comment)
If you hate heavy graphic bios or like to go straight to certain things on your or other people's profiles, you can collapse those things so they aren't visible. It's useful to me with people who have bios that go on for pages.

Yeah, I don't mind it. There are things that could be done better, but all in all it's okay. Some better, some not so good. I just don't understand what the huge upset is about, that people are talking as if this was Strikethrough come back again, right with threatening to leave LJ and all that. *shrugs*

I was in beta too, and I'm a) totally used to it, and b) not that bothered to begin with. I like it. It does seem easier to find stuff now.

what exactly is wrong with it

Beats the hell out of me. *shrugs*

I like the 'post an entry' etc. links across the top.

I'm finding a lot of people are assuming that the way they use the info page is the way everyone uses it. I like the stats up top, I use those stats a lot, to the point where I'd added a scrip to automatically take me to everyone's full profile. I'm not sure there's actually more scrolling than before and they did fix the problem of getting a complete friends list when you had more than 500 people. So that's a plus to me as well. On a personal note, while some people find the white space annoying, discrete sections work great for my eyes, easier to find and focus, especially on days where focusing is *hard* yo. Add to that the collapsing sections and I'm happy. *shrug* Change happens. The profiles have been pretty much static for years, I'm okay with them mixing it up a bit.