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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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rec - dear america by mistress siana
children of dune - leto 1
Stolen from amireal via email:

Dear America by mistress_siana, and this is hoping this doesn't get deleted anytime like ever. Copy-paste and save. It's awesome.

please stop it. Your OMC, Obama, is the worst Sue I've seen in a long time. Your WIP has been going on for a while now, with frequent updates, but so far, we haven't seen a single flaw. Coolest guy in town, funny, smart as a particularly smart whip, easily catches the eye of every swing state, about to adopt a puppy... even rappers like him. Rappers!

*glee* Go read the rest.

She totally wins the internetz.

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*glee* I knew you'd love it. It's so deep. Also, the people bitching are nearly as funny.

I have never wanted to slap people more. The whining was both ridiculous and hysterical. OMG I AM EUROPEAN AND THIS CAUSES ME ANGST whatever. *rolls eyes*

That one was made sweeter by the fact that the OP was also European and I suspect the complainer couldn't care enough to even check that far and just assumed it was a noisy American.

It really was. I just couldn't believe the butthurt. It was cute! It was , in fact, a fanfic rant! Just you know, IRL. AND IT WAS FUNNY.

And now someone has called it dogpiling. Why is it always dogpiling? It's really not. There's like 6 people there and I think most are offended by the OTT ness.

*rolls eyes* Its' cute. Everyone needs to time out and nap it out already. Gah.

*pinches their widdle cheeks* Srsly.

Best bit in the miniwank, here:

"Wow, butthurt much?"

"Why would it??"


Personally, I find the bitching extremely hysterical given how very, very many posts on that comm are about fandoms I've never heard of.

That too. I just-- I get not wanting to read politics, but uh, it's like they missed the point. Also it was a very short post. SCROLL PAST. REALLY. I DID THAT A LOT IN THE LAST TWO YEARS. Especially with that comm. *G*

The comments in there are just getting better and better too.

Hee! Europe's jealous. Now, when we get universal health care, their heads are gonna explode! :p

*giggles* We do have the best marty stu ever.

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