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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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uh huh.
To take this election to a truly and abysmally shallow place.

...Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff elect. You know, I can't honestly say I'd ever looked at a government official and thought, huh, but this is a huh.

Context: I mean, huh. I feel faintly dirty speaking thus of a politician. Yet a good dirty.

Kind of ashamed. Mostly not. My curiosity is pretty much focused on the following things:

1.) Treasury. Very curious. I mean, yes, presidential appointment is really honorable, but who the hell really wants that job right now?

ETA: For more on this, sheila_cpa goes over the current potentials here for mulling.

2.) What will happen to Lieberman. I think Lieberman is probably wondering the same thing.

3.) So. Alaska? What's up with that?

You know, I remember when writing here was a lot more interesting. Sadly, work is not necessarily busy but rather short, intense periods of activity followed by waiting for activity. I am stumped. Also, my boss wants to take a vacation and keeps mentioning places that involve either a.) warfare and strangely high casualty rates b.) crazy animals or c.) no running water for a million miles. I--the guy's belt matches his shoes, okay? He isn't going to make it without a toilet. I'm just saying, there's adventure and then there's, you know, sanitation. He doesn't believe me. I find this hilarious.

Yes, that was riveting. I know.

I think you should advise him to go to one of the places with no running water. But don't forget to send him with plenty of film. Hehe

...I am that cruel, yes.

(Deleted comment)
My muses is drowsy and worried about mutual funds. She'll recover. *g*

alaska is nuts

so is rahm emanuel but he is also hot and an ex-ballet dancer and a total drama queen fjgkdfg ahhh I'm in a state of confused shock XD

Yes. And YES. He is a politician! But I suddenly understand the Obama girls so much better now.

LOL! I've been having the same thought about Rahm Emanuel (well...actually, I've been envisioning Rahm/Barack slash *g*)

(Deleted comment)
It oly makes me like him more.

Oh God, the White House is going to be full of hot people. It will be like a cabinet of DILFs. I feel really dirty.



And *I* would sleep with Mr. Pres elect in a HEARTBEAT.

Edited at 2008-11-07 05:09 am (UTC)

Rahm Emanuel's a bull terrier -- sometimes you get Spuds MacKenzie, sometimes you get a kid in the ER with its arm bitten off. While there are places in an administration for a bull terrier, for Chief of Staff, you might be better off with a good sheepdog.

If Lieberman has any sense of self-preservation, he'll start caucusing with the Republicans. His loyalty to the Dems thus far has been a little boggling -- they betrayed him badly in his Senate race and then the DNC put a bounty on his head once he agreed to speak at the GOP convention. He's the leper in the nudist colony as far as the Dems go; the GOP will at least treat him like the fun crazy uncle.

Re: Treasury -- Facing down the economy has got to be easier for Larry Summers than getting run out of Cambridge on a rail.

I'm thinking that's his best bet as well, to be honest. I'm not thrilled with his RNC appearances or his statements during the campaign, but OTOH, I can kind of see why he chose that route.

Now I feel slightly dirty. Thanks. I will no longer click links that are followed by you saying that. I have learnt my lesson.

2. I have no clue what to say. I can't even convince my father to stay away from all those places. *shakes head at men in general*

I'm just saying. He looks scary yet competent, and I'm in love with his hair.

I--the guy's belt matches his shoes, okay? He isn't going to make it without a toilet. I'm just saying, there's adventure and then there's, you know, sanitation. He doesn't believe me. I find this hilarious.

*snort*. I find your observation hilarious. :)

I love him, but the man is preppy as hell. He would wear sweater vests if he could. Imagining him in the wilderness is both lulz and terrifying.

3.) So. Alaska? What's up with that?

That's what 49% of Alaskans would like to know, believe me.

I believe it. The mystery continues.

I like RE, but I wonder how well their styles are going to work together. Obama is very calm and doesn't like drama, and Emanuel is decidedly not drama free.

I think PK would be an good choice for treasury , but he says he doesn't have the temperament for politics. Maybe as an economic adviser instead?

I'd also like to see Gore be head of the EPA, sec. of energy, or sec. of the interior.

I'd love to see Hillary as a supreme court justice. :)

I would be thrilled if she ended up on the Supreme Court. Being liberal, the idea of hundreds of Republicans getting together to stare at strychnine laced kool-aid in reaction is priceless.

Or Bill Clinton, for that matter. In my special fantasy place that only happens on TV, both of them, just for the sheer glee.

Yes, that was riveting. I know

It's one of the highlights of my Friday at work.

Take that as you will.

I kind of want to write you porn now. *worried*

Heehee. Rahm Emanuel is entertaining me in many ways today. And I get such a kick out of the fact that he was a ballet dancer, yet he talks like Ari Gold.

God yes. And the hair is totally working for me hugely.

dude, the best part is if you read the bit where they said that this dude on the west wing was inspired by rahm emanuel. and then the second best part is if you read the bit where they said the white house is being set up for good-cop-bad-cop, where if you do what good cop says you get snacks, and if you are naughty then rahm-bo gets to fucking spank you.


You guys got a band gazebo? Doesn't matter; we'll build one. Right in the band gazebo, that's where the President is going to drape his arm around the shoulder of some assistant D.A. we like. And you should have your camera with you, you should get a picture of that, 'cause that's gonna be the moment you're finished in Democratic politics. President Bartlet's a good man, he's got a good heart, he doesn't hold a grudge. That's what he pays me for.