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uh huh.

To take this election to a truly and abysmally shallow place.

...Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff elect. You know, I can't honestly say I'd ever looked at a government official and thought, huh, but this is a huh.

Context: I mean, huh. I feel faintly dirty speaking thus of a politician. Yet a good dirty.

Kind of ashamed. Mostly not. My curiosity is pretty much focused on the following things:

1.) Treasury. Very curious. I mean, yes, presidential appointment is really honorable, but who the hell really wants that job right now?

ETA: For more on this, sheila_cpa goes over the current potentials here for mulling.

2.) What will happen to Lieberman. I think Lieberman is probably wondering the same thing.

3.) So. Alaska? What's up with that?

You know, I remember when writing here was a lot more interesting. Sadly, work is not necessarily busy but rather short, intense periods of activity followed by waiting for activity. I am stumped. Also, my boss wants to take a vacation and keeps mentioning places that involve either a.) warfare and strangely high casualty rates b.) crazy animals or c.) no running water for a million miles. I--the guy's belt matches his shoes, okay? He isn't going to make it without a toilet. I'm just saying, there's adventure and then there's, you know, sanitation. He doesn't believe me. I find this hilarious.

Yes, that was riveting. I know.
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