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tuesday has never been quite so exciting

During a break outside, two girls one cup curiosity suddenly manifested in the conversation beside me; my knee-jerk reaction of "Oh my God don't look" suddenly led to meme jokes.

Now, here's the thing--being part of and recognizing internet culture does not, as a rule, lead to understanding how much it's invaded my vocabulary until everyone except one guy (whom earlier this year I'd heard talking about DragonCon) had gone and I realized I hadn't spoken a word of understandable English in about fifteen minutes.

However, this is unexplored territory. As much as IRL names are sacrosanct trusts on the internetz, it occurred to me the same holds true for online names IRL, which is an entirely different kind of privacy issue.

There's also the fact I suspect he's SASS or at least a 4chan lurker; he also could be conservative. I'm not sure which one bothers me more. However, did point him toward the NYTimes article on internet trolls which he didn't seem to know about, so this argues maybe not so much.

Anyone who is going to be watching the returns and wants to chat, I'll be around after 9 PM CST for group obsessing.
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