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election and recs

I am unmotivated. I am not even motivated enough to rant which is sad and some kind of reflection on our society, I'm sure. Or rather, the election, because it's freaking draining even in peripheral involvement. It's not just that so much news here seems to be dominated by it; it's also the scare tactics, and the mudslinging, and the ridiculous posturing (and I don't even mean by the candidates) or Joe the Plumber (a record deal? Really?) and the relentlessness of equating electoral choice with moral choice, which I hate.

Dualism is workable in fiction, which is by nature two dimensional and easily shaded. It's crazymaking to try and apply that to real life. And the fact that both parties and their adherents do it drives me nuts.

And that is my rant on politics. For those who plan to be online during the election on Tuesday night, anyone schedule a chat yet? I've heard this rumor this election is going to be a bit controversial.

Other News That Is Not Election Related, Yay!

A.) miss_porcupine continues the Qui Habitat universe in Loyaulte Me Lie, a Jeannie-centric companion to the Rodney-centric Art Is Long. I'd say read Art is Long first, but then again, I'd say read the entire damn novel.

Qui Habitat probably one of SGA's best novels (in progress) and makes my top ten reading of all time in fandom for characterization, scope, and creativity. The premise is based on the idea that SG1 did not defeat the Ori and the Milky Way fell, leading to an evacuation to Atlantis. It's ruthlessly practical, unsentimental, and startlingly blunt with few easy answers as the slow emergence of the Ori in Pegasus becomes more and more inevitable.

The Jeannie story, however, is painful in a very different way, and goes a long way to humanize the unthinkable. While completely different from the Jonas-centric Huma, the time taken in these stories to focus on individual people pre-surrender paints a fascinating picture of how it happened on both a personal and political level, and, at least to me, does a better job of explaining what happened than space battles ever could.
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