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group four: stargate:atlantis, smallville, dr. who

And sadly, last group for today.

From here, following group one, group two, and group three.

From twilight_angel - Crimes Against Humanity 'verse: Five times Rodney wished he could have known John before they met.

1. Rodney thinks of that mind when he could have shaped it, John's chaos leashed to logic and gentled to Rodney's will. No one would have seen them coming.

(Christ, so beautiful, electric and reckless and viciously practical, who carried weapons like they were parts of his body. Rodney would kill for that. Anyone would.)

2. When John first joined the SGC, before they began to break him.

(Hairline psyche fractures come standard with conditioning; Mitchell did the rest.)

3.) When Rodney was recruited into the SGC.

(He wonders if he would have let Mitchell live. Something slow to make him hurt, long so he can watch. So there's nothing John is that isn't Rodney's, too.)

4.) John's defection.

(The galaxy couldn't have stood against them. And maybe them, he wouldn't be afraid of Lorne and all the ways John isn't fully his.)

5.) When he first arrived in Atlantis.

(Before he fell apart.)

From innocentsmith - SV - Five fictional characters Lex Luthor would like to meet/hang out with/hire.

1. Brian Kinney

(He'll be honest and say Queer as Folk had a dramatic effect on what he considered acceptable sexual partners.)

2. Tony Stark

(Clark thinks its the suit, but it's not. Lex can't get over the guy beat him at everything, ever. Lex is just saying, if the next issue has him taking over the world, Marvel will not survive the night.)

3. Gilbert Blythe

(He's always wanted to know how Gilbert made Anne love him.)

4. John Sheppard

(Fine. Hair envy. Happy?)

5. His father

(Because the man he imagined loved him, and that's the person he wants to claim.)

beadattitude - Five things Ten.5 likes about being earthbound.

1. The thousand ways a single sun can rise.

2. Rose's hair when she's cleaning their flat.

(Too many barrettes and the bit that falls over her eye that she pushes behind her ear.)

3. Sleeping until noon.

(Seriously, someone should have told him about that. Naps, too. Humans make so much more sense when you relate them to their sleep patterns.)

4. Sex.

(So much more fun than it looks. How humans evolved past their libido is a mystery.)

5. A place he can finally stand still.

(He gets a cat and a car. He watches the birth of his daughter. He goes in a house, closes the door, and wraps himself in the arms of the home he will never have to leave.)

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