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group three: smallville and dr. who

From here, following group one and group two.

From winterlive - top five reasons lex luthor didn't take over the world. go.

1. Unfortunate altercation with unsurprisingly homicidal wife, requiring surgery and two months of recuperation. Which is why the penguins ended up carnivorous and trying to conquer New Zealand, but that's another story.

2. Lost lucky prosthetic hand. Found in the basement with the clones. Has to order a new one due to what they were doing with it. Still having flashbacks.

3. Turned into woman for three days. Breasts == weirdly addictive.

4. Babylon 5 marathon.

5. Clark said please.

From brewsternorth - Five People the Ninth Doctor Enjoyed Getting Drunk With

1.) HP Lovecraft. Despite popular belief, the guy knew how to throw a party, though Clark Smith had been a little too friendly.

(Unfortunate note: Cthulhu's still pissed. Apparently the Doctor had told that story about Cthulhu's problems with geometry and his unfortunate skin condition, then boom, every time he goes to earth, blood sacrifices everywhere you look. And when The Call of Cthulhu was translated...well, the Doctor didn't like that galaxy anyway. Anyone who calls themselves Elder anything just needs to get over themselves.)

2.) Bacchus. Fantastic night. Can't remember a thing.

(The real problem came up when he realized that the piercing was welded on. Yeah, he's not living that down anytime soon. And there goes another time period he's not visiting every again.)

3.) Attila the Hun. Huge wedding. Pretty bride. Went downhill from there. Constantinople? Still standing.

(Total accident. Which is what happens when you mix up Dark Ages with Middle Ages. Humans--not so much with the creativity in naming.)

4.) Bruce Wayne

(And strike Gotham off the list of places to visit. Ever. Again. Don't ask. He'll never look at a bat the same way again. Or people named Alfred.)

5.) Joan of Arc

For the two hours before they took her, he stood in the presence of light. He's never told this story. He doesn't think he ever will.

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