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group two: stargate:atlantis and due south

From suggestions here and continuing from group one here.

From ratcreature - Five planets John Sheppard wishes he hadn't visited.

1. MX-666. Basically, in John's opinion, they were asking for it. Interesting note: as it turns out, exorcisms in Pegasus really are just like the movies. Teyla's never getting the pea stains out of her skirt, though.

2. In Rodney's defense, when one calls one's planet "Haven of Delight", your first instinct isn't to pack up the nipple clamps and flogger for your trade mission. However, they did get some amazing leather out of it. And the piercings will heal. Eventually.

3. So who would have really anticipated Planet of the Apes was based on a true story? Yeah, no one.

4. To be fair, there was no way to know that a penis qualified as a lethal weapon in some places.

5. So the thing is, when you're reading Ancient, you have to really double check your spelling. The name wasn't so much Eranid as Arachnid, but Keller thinks that given time, the catatonia should wear off on its own. Rodney can easily do his work from the infirmary; he wants to be there when John wakes up.

From seekergeek - Five Times John Wishes He Was a Girl

1. Skirts.

(Women will never really understand the constant threat of the zipper. Why they continue to manufacture pants with them, John has no idea, but he's pretty sure women are involved. And cackling about it.)

2. Ladies' Night

(God, the money he would have saved in his twenties.)

3. Slumber Parties.

(Does this even need an explanation? Think not.)

4. PX-994

(Amazonian lesbian planet. John still wakes up hating the universe for that shit.)

5.) Rodney

(As it turns out, Rodney wanted kids after all. Rodney said he'd always love him. He married her anyway.)

From writinginct - 5 Times Ray K ate something that Fraser wouldn't

1. Fraser's initial reaction to cheese whiz shouldn't have precipitated a diplomatic incident with Australia, but really, Ray should have seen that coming.

(While Ray is all about being his own person, the three month embargo on blowjobs turned out to be a really big motivator toward a healthier diet. Withdrawal hadn't been pretty.)

2. Ray knows that protest is an effective way to enact social change, but who the hell stops eating chocolate to show solidarity for the plight of candy factory workers?

(And sugar. And gum. And everything that basically makes life worth living. If there is a hell, it involves Fraser's caribou pudding and broccoli meringue pie. Thank God for unions, that's all Ray has to say about it.)

3. Fraser keeps taking away Ray's gum.

(It goes something like this: five years old, bad dream, forgot to take out his gum. Apparently, Fraser did not like the buzz cut. If by do not like, you mean traumatized for life.)

4. Peanut butter and jelly.

(Ray's never seen anyone turn that color before, or get that sick. In hindsight, probably shouldn't have laughed hysterically because of....)

5. Anything salty.

(As God as Ray's witness, he will never laugh at Fraser's food misfortunes again. Withdrawal? Even less pleasant.)

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