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From scarletts_awry - Five things John Sheppard got in trouble for as a kid. :-)

*grins* Okay, lessee....

1.) Preschool: John discovered scissors and the power of glue to create new and interesting experiments in hair styles. Despite a ten minute time out and a six week buzz cut, he's never quite gotten over that particular look.

(Rodney realizes a lot about John's sense of style can be traced back to art class, which just proves how useless art really is.)

2.) Third Grade: What started as an off-the-cuff remark on velocity by the substitute teacher ended after a two hour stand-off involving John, a roof, a bicycle, and something to prove. John figures his issues with authority started there, because really, how else was he supposed to interpret "John, if you really think you can fly, prove it." That's two weeks of detention and two days of no sitting he's not forgetting in a hurry.

(Rodney stops listing John's Darwin entries after that. It's just too depressing.)

3.) Fifth Grade: John achieves flight for a total of five glorious seconds before he meets gravity and finds it's not friendly. One broken leg and six weeks grounding, though, are totally worth it; he always knew he was meant to fly. Now he just had to figure out how to land.

(Rodney asks John to stop telling him heartwarming stories of his youth. Please.)

4.) Sixth Grade: John kisses his first girl. She punches him in the face. Mom gives John The Talk. All things considered, John would rather be punched.

(Rodney snickers.)

5.) Seventh Grade: John kisses his first boy.

(Rodney waits for the trouble part. So--what happened? Parents, school, Jesus camp, what? John steals a fry from his tray. It took a while. John answers. Since I had to wait for you.)

From reginagiraffe - Five Things John Sheppard Loves to Chew On

1.) X-Files gave him a thing for sunflower seeds. Admitting that to Rodney, however, is just asking for another paean on Scully. John'd rather pass, thanks.

2.) Rodney's found that observing John's relationship with power bars has moved into something that could be called obsession. He won't admit he's jealous.

3.) Millennium problems. John has the disquieting feeling that pulling a Good Will Hunting on Rodney's whiteboard is also known as flirting in physics-speak.

4.) Gum. Rodney has a weakness for the taste of artificial mint and John has a weakness for Rodney's tongue.

5.) Pomegranate. Rodney doesn't think porn can match John's red-smeared lips wrapping around each seed and the way he closes his eyes, savoring the taste.

From thornsilver - Five things Sheppard knows how to cook.

1. Microwave popcorn. Eventually. After they replaced the microwave. In John's defense, the entire thing about the kitchen exploding is highly exaggerated, and in any case, now there's a bay window looking out on the stables.

2.) Dump cake. Short version: it was two am, he was high, and no one wanted pizza. Let us never speak of this again.

3.) Beetles, if by cooked, you mean, were under the sun for days and relatively warm. John suspects his bug issues might not all be Iratus related.

4.) Ramen. Though John's not sure if it's supposed to be crunchy still.

5.) Barbecue. Though John doesn't remember if it's supposed to be black or not, no one complains and they ask for seconds, so he figures it's good. Though he can't figure out why everyone looks so scared of Rodney while they're eating.

From brewstersnorth - DS: Five Unorthodox Uses for a Stetson

1.) Water collection in the desert.

(Ray's seen Fraser in temperatures above seventy-five. He's guessing they're not testing that bit of trivia anytime soon.)

2.) Accidental collection plate.

(It's a long story, but it involves Mormon missionaries and a standard poodle. Fraser can't even talk about it without flushing. So Ray tells the story. A lot.)

3.) Scavenger hunt item.

(They were eighteen and wearing bikinis. Ray's only human and Fraser needs to just get over it. They brought it back. Eventually.)

4.) Birth place of small rodents.

(Fraser makes Ray watch the miracle of rat birth. Ray may never have sex again. Or ever regain the will to live.)

5.) Gag.

(Ray likes running his fingers over the teethmarks in the brim, just to see Fraser blush.)

And continuing. (To suggest something, go here.)
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