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Often during meetings, I take notes. I want to say it's not because it gives the illusion I in any way care about what goes on during meetings, but that's a lie. It's there to give the illusion I care. Usually, I have no idea what I wrote and find myself vaguely surprised days later when occasionally a verbatim speech by someone gets marked down (which explains why my hand ached). Then again, sometimes, I have no idea.

Most recently in the middle of something else entirely.


Volunteer to work on team project.

Tomorrow someone will provide hula hoop. <--[context:boss has hula hoop. no idea why]


MRD RMD not there.

Make sure there is enough information.

Be Tough --> Hanging Tough --> NKOTB

Danger <---|
! Robinson

(I give up. ASCII is not loved here.)


Somewhere in here I also break into an adjective noun game:


Defects Yay!
Dancing Bears
Singing Dogs
Flying Pigs
Clapping Monkeys
Whistling Cats


...and a brief set of pictures illustrating a.) a happy sun over a smiling flower with fluffy clouds and b.) a bicycle captioned "SAD BICYCLE". Randomly in the middle of an explanation of testing procedure, I wrote a line about wikipedia.

According to the above, I have volunteered to work on the team project. That does explain the email I keep getting. It does not explain what the hell it is.
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