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i am a font of utterly useless suggestions
children of dune - leto 1

Is there a vid newsletter that picks up the vids being posted around fandom and I've just missed it?

Okay, reasons are various, but two biggies are a.) I download but rarely watch when I download, and then close the window, and you see where that leads and b.) vids don't archive so there's no place to go find them and secret c.) people don't rec vids as regularly as they do fic and it's hard to track it down easily.

If there is one, could someone direct me to it? If there is not, would someone consider making one? It's not really the getting vids that's a problem, so much as an easy way to leave feedback, though the former is also an issue sometimes when one is looking at fandom five years back.

I mean, I know there are many solutions to those problems. But I also just want a newsletter because it would be so cool to find a neat list of all the vids released this week in all fandoms. And all the vid communities! And what those crazy kids are up to with their newfangled technology and Final Cut and Mastering the Mysteries of Something in Adobe or whatever. Fun!

And okay, the anal part of me loves newsletters. I mean, with a ridiculous passion. It's like a newspaper that specializes in only things that are interesting! I like the categories and the easy to find fic and the meta and the years of recorded newsletters going back in the calendar function. I mean, if we had a fandom newspaper, I would be like a long-term subscriber where it would give me the short list of What Happened This Week, and the Fannish News of the Weird and like this section devoted to Weird Opinions (links to metafandom!) and I'll stop now.

*throws out to universe* Point me in the right direction.

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Not exactly what you asked for, but [Bad username: veni_vidi_vids/] gathers all recs and meta. Through the recs you can probably pick up the best of everything released -- at least as far as the mods know about it.

Vids and centralization == happiness. Thank you!

Glad to be of service. (:

Is there a vid newsletter that picks up the vids being posted around fandom and I've just missed it?

No. When I started veni_vidi_vids that was the plan, but there were too many being posted: it was taking 4-8 hours a day to find and format the links. Even breaking it up by fandom groups wasn't really sustainable. So eventually I switched to just logging vid *recs* as I find them. [And <lj user="morgandawn" collects vid meta, tech talk, and IP issues.] One problem is that relatively few vidders think of themselves as being in vidding fandom. Some fandom newsletters manage to coerce their fic-writers into using a standard Subject line, e.g. "[FIC] Title by author, PG-13, part 1 of 2" which makes it easier to compile the links for a newsletter. But I don't think it's possible to get all vidders in all fandoms on board any particular format. [I'd be happy if people titled their posts something other than "New Vid!"] In my perfect world, someday it will be possible to upload vids [or vid-entries, where the actual vid is hosted elsewhere] to AOOO and the archive software will magically let you see what has been posted that day/week/month and filter by fandom, etc. Maybe. :)

I can imagine the numbers.

I like the perfect world. Or consistent headers as well.

Well, everyone already beat me to veni_vidi_vids, there are also a couple really big vidding comms where there are a lot of vid announcemens, like vidding but that relies on people self pimping.
I came across the same problem as you when it comes to downloading vids and then having no clue where to go when I finally get around to watching it and wanting to leave feedback, I'm not sure if you're interested, but my solution to that was formatting the file name of any vid I download. Whenever I download a vid, I always change the file name so it's fandom-vid name-vidder, so for example: SGA-Pegasus 101-paraka.wmv
It's been working pretty well for me since I started.

Thank you. I never even thought of that, and I've been so cranky trying to get a list of vid recs together.

It has worked really well for me, because even if it's been a while most people will have *some* way to find their vids (be it a webpage, tagging or masterpost).
Of course the only thing that drives me nuts about trying to put together vid recs is that so many vidders these days use temporary services like send space or megaupload to host their vids and you never know how long the link will last...

Yeah, sometimes I don't even think to check the download sites. I know I'd be happy to send along any vids I have when I rec stuff, but is that naughty? I don't really know.

Dammit, there's another comm that does specifically vid recs, and I'm sitting here looking at my profile and can't for the life of me find it. (fan_vids turns out a lot, but they're the vidders posting their own. But still that's a lot for you to browse through.)

Hah, found it! the_reel

I was just thinking how much I would love something like this, or some kind of masterlist of vids. I've a list of vid ideas that's 70 entries long at this point, waiting for me to get a machine that's actually capable of vidding without blowing up or driving me insane. But I live in fear that when I finally get to them, I'll labor long and hard on something, only to find that someone (or lots of someones) have already done that song/idea to death.

So yeah, I guess I'll be checking out all these links for I start. Thanks for posting this!

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