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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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three impossible things before--nightfall. yes.
children of dune - leto 1
From meret:

Bush Puts Beluga Whale on Endangered List Over Palin Objections

You know, I don't even know what to do with that. *hands* But I do stare at it and cackle at odd intervals because really, how is this not funny?

Lieberman in "Adventures in Cross Party Square Dancing" - I'm sorry, what the hell is this man doing? Granted, I am not up and up with the entire run, run, run from your natal party thing, but really. He's kinda like watching a very strange play.

Okay, wait. Anyone here ever perform in or see the one act play Asylum? You know the part where Harper's getting crucified for not wanting to accept status quo (that was me! Very meaningful)? And then Stan finally admits he's crazy and becomes disabled and everyone is sad and can't dance anymore (there is nothing so depressing as that last five minutes, where everyone tries to dance and is just too freaked out that Stan decided not to believe he's okay and see, flashbacks now, dammit). This reminds me of that acid trip of a play. Also, I was fourteen, it's only now it's hitting me that the entire thing was a metaphor for more schizophrenia, and in fact, might not have been a metaphor for schizophrenia at all. But okay.

I am having a similiar feeling, but without anyone coming afterward to give me a medal and tell me I am really good at being publicly crucified, so see, a.) it's not all about me and b.) my point--did Lieberman drink the wrong Kool-Aid? Is he Stan? Did he stop dancing?

(You know, I'm betting this entry makes no sense whatsoever. Go Beluga whales! You win because Bush really doesn't like Palin. Bush, we agree on something. This is very weird.)

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(Deleted comment)
Yes! Also, I still am waiting for a beta on a fic and it's becoming very hard on my nerves. *nods solemnly*

(Deleted comment)
Sadly, no, though I did look at them in passing.

I dunno why Bush doesn't adore her, she's basically him in a dress and knee-high black leather boots.

And that mental imagine will haunt me for all time.

Maybe Bush just really likes Beluga whales.

It's possible. "Baby beluga in the deep blue sea, swim so wild and you swim so free..."

I apologize for the Raffi flashback. I did a lot of juice boxes when I was younger. We didn't know any better then.


Really likes Beluga whales. Can you really like Beluga whales?

I bet it's because he thinks that's where beluga caviar comes from.


Also, it's definitely possible to really like belugas. :) I like belugas. They're very pretty.

(That's my Monday: Fire bad. Belugas pretty. Rawr.)

Raffi is such stoner music re-done for little kids. Seriously. Bananaphone? No way that was thought up without the aid of bongs.

*chokes* I believe it.

(possibly a banana shaped bong)

Ahhhahahahaomg I had never heard this song before.


I think he wrote it only so he could sing "bAY-bee belooOOOOooga".

I am reading this in class and trying so hard not to start laughing. So hard...

You'd never heard "Baby Beluga"???????????

Well, you must most definitely not be Canadian, then. I'm pretty sure 99% of the Canadians in my entire generation grew up listening to this song. I was home-schoolled in elementary, and we didn't have a TV until I was ten, and I was still obsessed with that song as a little girl.

Now I wanna download some Raffi songs, because damnit, I need "Baby Beluga" on my iPod.

I am kind of waiting for the Bush/Palin love/hate fic to crop up.

...I cannot say that I am not wondering when that will show up either.

(Deleted comment)

Damn you. Now I'm going to think that every time it comes on.

Blame Sylar. I saw that Heroes vid set to it and will never get over it. Now I imagine Sylar as W and Mohinder as Palin and it's really traumatizing. With whales beluga-ing in the background.

Also, Xanthe started posting!

Have you seen this yet? Presidential politics as a D&D campaign.

I giggled. A lot.

I was snotty about W for eight years because even though I couldn't stand him, Daddy!Bush was at least intelligent, interested in/aware of international opinion, not a Bible thumper, etc. W was the dregs, in comparison. Now I have to admit even W made it through Yale. When W looks good in comparison to you ... UGH.

Yes, this. I twitched through that realization as well.

W has a weird history when it comes to ocean life protection. In the more obvious ways he's been a menace to the environment in general, but I believe he has set aside more waters as protected areas than any other president. I know he just set aside some waters in Hawaii over massive industry protest.

Huh. Now that is interesting. I wonder why?

The New York Times suggested he's trying to salvage his reputation. But he's such a weird person with such terror of anyone knowing anything that's really going on in his administration it's hard to know why he does anything.

There's more about it here:


People are complicated.

I'm fairly dumbfounded that Dubya did ANYTHING good on purpose, and more than once, at that. But the belugas and the Hawaiian sea turtles need all the help they can get. So, um, good for Dubya. Okay, I need a minute. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little after I said that.

What was it Churchill said about his brand-new ally Josef Stalin in 1941? "If Hitler invaded hell, I would at least make a favourable reference to the Devil in the House of Commons."

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