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From meret:

Bush Puts Beluga Whale on Endangered List Over Palin Objections

You know, I don't even know what to do with that. *hands* But I do stare at it and cackle at odd intervals because really, how is this not funny?

Lieberman in "Adventures in Cross Party Square Dancing" - I'm sorry, what the hell is this man doing? Granted, I am not up and up with the entire run, run, run from your natal party thing, but really. He's kinda like watching a very strange play.

Okay, wait. Anyone here ever perform in or see the one act play Asylum? You know the part where Harper's getting crucified for not wanting to accept status quo (that was me! Very meaningful)? And then Stan finally admits he's crazy and becomes disabled and everyone is sad and can't dance anymore (there is nothing so depressing as that last five minutes, where everyone tries to dance and is just too freaked out that Stan decided not to believe he's okay and see, flashbacks now, dammit). This reminds me of that acid trip of a play. Also, I was fourteen, it's only now it's hitting me that the entire thing was a metaphor for more schizophrenia, and in fact, might not have been a metaphor for schizophrenia at all. But okay.

I am having a similiar feeling, but without anyone coming afterward to give me a medal and tell me I am really good at being publicly crucified, so see, a.) it's not all about me and b.) my point--did Lieberman drink the wrong Kool-Aid? Is he Stan? Did he stop dancing?

(You know, I'm betting this entry makes no sense whatsoever. Go Beluga whales! You win because Bush really doesn't like Palin. Bush, we agree on something. This is very weird.)
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