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torchwood rec - get loved, make more, try to stay alive

So it's not rare that fic can keep me up reading all night--see July, Due South, and my lack of many conscious memories of that month--but I can say it's pretty freaking rare in a watch-only fandom where my highest expectations amount to watchable and will Jack and Ianto get naked?

(svmadelyn found it and is like I AM READING A LONG MPREG. I am like OH MY GOD HOW BAD. Then there is silence and she says THIS IS GOOD. And I asked for a link, because, well, this is Madelyn. Yeah, exactly. But she was right. She was understating the case dramatically.)

Get Loved, Make More, Try to Stay Alive by dsudis, Torchwood, Jack/Ianto

This is how I will rec this: if you have seen the show or have read a decent summary, or have seen a livejournal entry on Torchwood, or in any way participated in fandom and therefore have been exposed to fannish osmosis, you will be fine, because really, who doesn't know who Jack Harkness is? Tibetan monks, that's who. And he probably slept with them, so you know, even they know.

This is awesome. It is long and plotty and time-travely without being hideously hard to follow (this is beautifully easy to follow) and the author states it's less than nineteen percent mpreg, which is true, as by word count and being five in the morning, new levels of bizarre obsessive compulsive behavior are achieved, I calculated it to 18.19% mpreg (YMMV), and even if you hate mpreg, you cannot hate this, because that would be like hating puppies. Puppies in a field of daisies. Puppies running to you in a frenzy of love in a field of daisies. And these puppies are hypoallergenic, just in case you have allergies. So are the daisies.

There was one really fascinating thing about this that I liked best and why I'm going to re-read; this is one of the few stories where things are retrospectively happening for a reason later, even really insignificant things, but one that really makes me smile for no reason is this, because it's just cute.

Jack starts a story about how he almost destroyed the world in answer to a question Ianto asks, which at the time seemed like a total deflection of the question, so Ianto blows it off. This gets picked up a bit later when Ianto asks the question again and Jack states Ianto hadn't wanted to know, and starts the story again, as it wasn't a deflection, just Jack going against the laws of God and man and actually giving a (nearly) straight answer that sounded like his not-answer.

(You will hit this pretty early and smile.)

So most of the story is like this, which is what happens when one has time travel and Jack Harkness involved.

So short version--if you like to read, this is something you should read. Did I mention the length of time to wallow? Lots of time.

And that is my rec, and I'm honestly shocked this is mostly within the boundaries of the vaguely internet-standards of grammatically correct, which are low standards indeed. Good fic puts me in a very good mood And doubtless a deeply grumpy one when I have to get up early for router diagnostics and small random related children screaming about. That will be fun. And totally, totally worth it.
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