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wireless router woes

So my wireless router's issues with holding a signal have hit my last shred of patience. So. Being me, I checked review sites! Then I came here, because, well, my flist is fangirls and we are know internet access. I currently have a netgear I bought about a year or two ago that is basically the problem child and nothing seems to be helping--I have to restart my computer, my router, and my modem all three when the signal goes out and it went out twice today while I was about to download, so yeah, this has got to be fixed.

So, any recommendations? Preferably something below 150 (ideally below 100!) that has really good range for two laptops that go everywhere in house and yard and also connected to one desktop. I have a cable modem that in theory could go up to 10MB but never seen that, but I get normally 1 to 2 MBs.

I'm looking at D-Link - Xtreme N Wireless-N Gigabit Router that got good reviews. Yes, no, maybe? Better idea?
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