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The Toybox

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drum roll, plz
children of dune - leto 1
This will--tentatively--be my bridesmaid's dress. Imagine it in chocolate, and when I am not slumping against a wall. And have my hair fixed. And you know, care about my appearance in any way. It has a petticoat. A tiny, adorable one. And boning in the bodice.

The nightmare is over. Remember--think of it in chocolate.

Thank you!

(I had thirteen to try on. THIRTEEN. When teh bride liked this one, I was like YES THIS LET US GO NOW. *fear*)

Yay! You survived! (looks very nice, and will look even better in dark(?) chocolate)

New used book/media store at 5400 North Lamar, called Frugal Media. Still in the very early stages, but a good place to encourage, IMO. Had some *very* nice DVD deals today. (Got the A&E Horatio Hornblower DVD set--new--for $19.99.)

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Truffle is the exact term, I think. It's a lovely color.

And thanks!

(writes down) I need more books.

But I like the blue! *sad*

It's black right now. though the blue version was gorgeous.


And yes, chocolate will look even nicer with your coloring.

I like it. Very pretty. Are you going to wear it with a wrap, or by itself?


Actually, I'm not sure. I'm acting as maid of honor and I think she wants to do something additional with me, though I have no idea what that will be. Kinda scared to find out. *G*

Oooh, very nice! It's a flattering cut.

Thank you!

She *really* liked it off the bat, and she's the one that picks my non-denim related clothes, so I figured she'd know what looked good.

that's a great dress, and should look fantastic in chocolate!

Thank you! *crosses fingers* It feels comfortable wearing, so I like it.

That's a pretty nice dress, and could even theoretically be reused. And yes, it will look even better in chocolate.

It's close enough to a formal as I've seen. Much better than even my prom dresses, to be honest.

Lovely dress, and positively spectacular for a bridesmaid's dress. (Seriously, all the ones I've seen lately have been hideous.)

*shudders* I've seen. Most of teh dresses here were semi-formal or formal and actually workable as *dresses*.

Thank you! it was neat with the skirt. Tiny bit of fluff at the very bottom that's adorable.

Gorgeous you, pretty dress! :)

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