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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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and also, come on.
children of dune - leto 1
Codicil to the last--I want the new Star Trek trailer. I can only watch people welding dramatically for so long before something snaps, and it might be my sanity. What, would it hurt them to make me happy? Does it cause TPTB pain to give me one tiny happy one to two minute trailer of the movie that is not the freaking hull of the Enterprise? DOES IT?

On behalf of the internetz, I am disappointed that there is not stolen footage up from the new movie yet. My God, people, stills are not enough.

That is all. (Getting Indiana Jones today! Glee!)

(October 17-October 21 cannot be held against me. Just disclaimering now for future potential acts of crazy.)

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I have found the stills actually deeply disturb me.

I WANT. ST:E was--I can't talk about it because knowing it exists hurts me. BUT MOVIE WITH YOUNG KIRK AND Sylar Spock does things to me. Want.

I am still getting over the dissonance of seeing those faces on those characters and I think part of it is that Sylar is SO CLOSE and like-- the rest of them are similar but not quite the same level of cloning. I believe a trailer would help me get over the last of my issues. It's the least paramount can do for me.

After all they have inflicted on us, yes, they should.

I think that this might be a stop gap measure for you.
It's total a fan project and paramount okays it so long as no one makes money.

The first episode is rough, but they get better.
Also managed to get some of the original cast on this.


I am a big fan of your writing, am amazed at both the world building skills and the scary, yet cuddly psychopaths.


(Deleted comment)
*whimpers* I want young!Kirk and young!Spock! I WANT.

It always worries me when TPTB are sparse with the details. I've been sucked in by the hype before - fool my once... or maybe, ah, thrice.



I would forgive them if Z. Quinto comes to my house dressed as Spock.

*blink blink*

Oh man, I'm such a bad Trekkie. I totally forgot about the movie. And I'm someone who ones Star Trek Nemesis on DVD.

Well, now I know where I'm gonna use that free movie ticket I got from work. *pleased*

Owns not ones. *facepalm*

Also, may 2009? *whimpers*

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