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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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pretty when you cry
children of dune - leto 1
FiveThirtyEight is my election crack, I admit it; I hit it before CNN, and my love for CNN is pure. OTOH, this election is like watching two years of trailers for a movie, and due to LJ training, I keep wanting to add spoiler cut tags.

Speaking of a completely different subject:

Amber Alert Called Off in Kidnapping, press conference later. Short version--not all that much shorter than the article, come to think--child kidnapped from his parents' house allegedly due to grandfather owing millions to drug cartels.

I can honestly state I really did mostly think that kind of thing happened only in the movies.

Anyone have any happy news? At this point, I'll take mildly pleasant, because really.

And oh! Thank you for the lj gift! That brightened my evening considerably.

Now, happy things. Happy fic, happy events, something happy that happened to you, something happy in anticipation of happening, your pet puppy. I am totally not above using my flist as prozac.

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How about kitten!Rodney for happy fic? "The Obscure"

Also, ahahahah, I've been using news.google.com (set to US news because I'm not even in the right COUNTRY for this) to get my election updates. It's... worse than a habit now. I used to have fanfic open in seperate tabs for when I got bored at work. Now I have the news sites up.

*sad* At work, I do that too. It makes me sad.

And fic yay! Opening in tab! Thank you!

Simba is lying on the couch next to me and purring in octaves, which he only does when he is very happy. (16-lb lion-colored Maine Coon cat with the face of the Lion King as a cub.) He's the happiest thing around me right now, since Pirate Jenny is asleep somewhere else and not trying to juggle my double-point knitting needles.

Oooh. *whimpers* He sounds adorable! And very very large. Wow.

He's got this ability to make himself seem larger and smaller; I've never seen another cat do it like that. He can stretch out next to me with his chin on my shoulder and his back paw just above my knee when I'm lying down, or he can curl himself into a little ball and make his eyes big and be just a large kitten.

(Deleted comment)
It is! I was *conditioned*, man.

Did you see the SCC news? Best thing I heard all day.

Yes! Thank goodness. *breathes*

It almost restores my faith in humanity.

Now if only the election would do the same ...

I just posted my first vid; does that count? (Hey, it's happy news for me. *g*)

It is! Congratulations! Added to queue for downloading today.

OH, I like that site--I'm becoming addicted to this damn election, too, at the risk of my health. I needed a new source. Cnn is reruns today.

I have a rec: I love Rachel Maddow, on MSNBC. Talk about an intelligent speaker. And she's logical, fair, and funny. And her eyes sparkle.

Hmm, I recognize her name. Must check out. Thanks!

Jumping in to add to the Rachel Maddow love. She also has a podcast on iTunes if/when tv isn't available, which I may have accidentally listened to all morning. :)

So Much Love For Rachel!! After being turned onto her BY MY 80-YR OLD MOM, I youtubed everything I could find :-) Rachel is my Hero!

Hmmm. Not sure if it's happy fic, but I posted a (SPN) Jo snippet:


How's about an incredibly stupid-cracky SGA/Dr. Who crossover fic? My zine fic for this year's Constrict got released early. If I can find it on my hard drive, I'll post it. Or I'll just send it to you.

Did you sendm etht one that I have woefully neglected to send you feedback on?

Yes, and I've been sitting here crying in my... um... actually I'm not sure what this is except it's pretty good for non-alcoholic thing that you haven't feeded me back. Sniff. Because you know my life is not complete until seperis has validated me by praising me to the skies.

Or something like that.

Hey, I got back from vacation and the house was not a gaping crater. I count that as a win.

Oh, and I meant to say I posted it. I posted that thing. In McKay/Sheppard. Gah. I'm braindead. Which should serve me well if zombies attack, but still.

Hey, that occurs to me, that would be a good defense against zombies, wouldn't it?

If you didn't see this post, check it out. It's a vid. Of the Muppets. In Blair Witch.

I nearly collapsed laughing.

Thank you! I almost forgot to come and tell you--I clicked on the link and my day? MUCH BETTER.

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