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pretty when you cry

FiveThirtyEight is my election crack, I admit it; I hit it before CNN, and my love for CNN is pure. OTOH, this election is like watching two years of trailers for a movie, and due to LJ training, I keep wanting to add spoiler cut tags.

Speaking of a completely different subject:

Amber Alert Called Off in Kidnapping, press conference later. Short version--not all that much shorter than the article, come to think--child kidnapped from his parents' house allegedly due to grandfather owing millions to drug cartels.

I can honestly state I really did mostly think that kind of thing happened only in the movies.

Anyone have any happy news? At this point, I'll take mildly pleasant, because really.

And oh! Thank you for the lj gift! That brightened my evening considerably.

Now, happy things. Happy fic, happy events, something happy that happened to you, something happy in anticipation of happening, your pet puppy. I am totally not above using my flist as prozac.
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