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I'm having the fifth beatle flashbacks

So, anyone following along with the Glowing Gene's Discoverer Left Out Of Nobel Prize in relation to Dr. Douglas Prasher, posted 10/9/2008.

In Wikipedia - actually, this is interesting in an entirely different way. Stats on the page views.

September 2008 - 16 views
October 2008 - 2,342 views
October 15, 2008 - 1,300 views

I'm wondering what today will show. Google on his name hits a lot of pages. I'm not entirely sure whether I'm supposed to walk away inspired or really depressed. And it's not like I wasn't pretty cynical about the Nobels before now, especially with Horace "Eww, American Literature Yucky" Engdahl's inspirational and unique viewpoint that, I'm utterly sure, had no bearing on this year's objective choice.

I do not care what anyone says, Mercury is totally not un-retrograding yet(winterlive can attest to my startling lack of sanity). I am still cranky.
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