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how can it only be wednesday?

The Dow needs a freaking pillow already or it's going to really injure itself with the falling.

You know, this was exciting, life-altering news two weeks ago. Bring me a different disaster now, kthx. Investors == still fearful! Dow == still falling and then sometimes getting up! My 457, wait, I'm not talking about that. However, gas went down approximately seventy cents per gallon over here in the last two weeks so sure, people are losing their homes, but whee, we can burn up more fossil fuels faster! And admittedly, save me money like whoa.

I have never been terribly fascinated by business, the stock market, or those strange blue jackets (Context check: why are these people wearing blue jackets? What is the meaning other than inner tranquility? As trust me, the tranquility color is apparently not so much working).

However. Kinda wanna go to the NYSE and stare in fascination at financial people in their natural habitat. With the pointing and shouting unintelligibly and whatnot. Some sort of primitive language, perhaps?

In other news--my mother seriously wants to buy a new house. Apparently, she already found the people that rented this house before it was sold and they are very excited about getting it back. The thing is, this is very like my mother. She'll go years being methodical and responsible, and then one day she wakes up and is like, "I want to buy a bar" or "I really need a sports car" or "I want a larger house" and she will barely buy new clothes retail because of price. It's like all the normal level impulsiveness is spirited away into this vast reservoir somewhere in her and eventually it reaches critical mass and kind of explodes.

Right. I am going to go hide from the request order that I just received confirming they are ready to rock and roll with the wiki request. There is something unnatural here. Or just wait for the shoe.
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