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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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it's like waiting for vesuvius and getting a spring shower
children of dune - leto 1

Here's what happened.

For about, oh, ten months, I've been waiting and waiting to be at this job long enough to be tenured enough to offer suggestions (luckily, we all move around a lot--ten months is commitment). I'd been, up to now, researching ways to create an online repository for our training and shared materials for testing, since right now its networked and not searchable and in folders and it sucks like particularly repetitive pornography.

Wiki seemed really useful, so Fanlore is addictive in both the fannish-must-do way and the wow-this-just-solved-my-search-for-organization way, and whilst working, I started amassing a presentation to make to my boss. Today, I decided, I would schedule a careful, discreet, fanlore-is-relevant-to-my-work (really, I had that ready) first shot and okay, so I had a speech, she came by my office and looked thoughtfully at our contractor's wiki that I'd opened up, and then she said "Okay."

This is like, forty-five seconds of my life that makes no sense.

I did not even get to take out my impressive spreadsheet and offer to do a presentation! I had a plan. It involved powerpoint and a wipeboard and at least forty-five minutes with a laser pointer. It involved actually making an argument.

I have no idea what to do now that I've gotten my way.

(I can't even tell if it's that she thinks it's a good idea or that she's getting worried about leaving me alone with a computer and all those interfaces to the database and the linux server active and ready for use.)

*blank* I have to contact the server persons and arrange--something. I don't even know what. Apparently, he is going to be really excited to do this with us. Which basically makes me terrified. I am used to being the excited one with other people quailing in fear.

So. Disturbed.

ETA: *shaky* Environmental management just emailed me. They sound happy. They want an outline of what I'm looking for so they can set it up and get it started. I need to lie down.


I am so sorry for the brain sprain you've had here, but I honestly found this hysterically funny. *giggles*

The laws of God, man, and bureaucracy preclude practicality. The server guys were contacted! There is an email in my box from my boss cc'ed me to the server people! This is not natural!

*lies down* God. I don't even know what to do with this.

I am really sorry, but:

helplessly laughs at you

You're kinda awesome :D

I know this is a ruse or something. I can feel it. Government does not work this way.

There's email in my box. My God, the server people have been contacted.

(Deleted comment)
I dunno. When she saw the live login to the linux server a while back, she started getting nervous. *Chews lip*

(Deleted comment)
Wait. A Texas state agency is going to let someone do something useful and awesome with a minimum of fit-pitching? WOW. Go you!

I don't really believe it either. This is some sort of trick. I just--don't know what kind yet.

*stares* I had templates ready to show the awesome.

(Deleted comment)
*blank* They emailed me to turn in the ER so they can do set up. So they can do set-up. This is not my world.

Careful now, this is the kind of stuff they use to try and promote you past usefulness. *eyes you* Watch your back.


LOL, you MUST work for the government! Either that, or a really large corporation. Hilarious! :DDD

It's just so disturbing. Something--unwholesome.

Think of it this way: your splendor has reached such heights that you haven't adapted yet & don't realize you've evolved beyond the need for presentations. Your ideas are just self-evidently good, you see, and your boss, being a discerning woman, acts accordingly. In short: (see icon).

See, this was going to be my argument, too, but Professor Tamar has illustrated it much better than I could have. Way to go!

This means fanlore is going to lose you to documenting the minutiae of the bureaucracy, doesn't it.

No, but doing both I may actually get competent at it!

I think they may have sensed that it involves extra work on your part and no extra money on their part. Only that can explain it.

(Deleted comment)
*sad* Yep. That's the way of it.

lol. Thank you for the giggle. But I am so totally waiting for the other shoe to drop. There has got to be a catch......

*reads your post*

Do you suppose Lex Luthor has days like this?

Like Lex shows up at the lab armed with a powerpoint presentation and a briefcase full of blackmail material. But as soon as the words 'kryptonite robot' are uttered his entire staff swoons, gives him gleefully manic smiles, and rushes off to begin building.

Of course your boss and coworkers could all be pod people. ;)

I am leaning toward pod. FIRE! I NEED FIRE!

(Wow, coudl that be misinterpreted. *g*)

I am so proud right now.

And terrified.

But mostly, proud.