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pick me up: a re-rec
children of dune - leto 1
Because I needed the pick me up, and Fanlore reminded me....

books to make my flist's heads explode: John Ringo - there is nothing, and I repeat this, nothing on earth that cheers me up as fast as hradzka's review of Paladin of Shadows books. To put this in context, when I'm unhappy, it's Robin Williams standup from the late eighties/early nineties, Eddie Izzard and flags, anything George Carlin I can find, and this. It is like an absolute good but you know, in that way that leads down the primrose path of Gor novels and softcore fantasy porn from the sixties, which let us never speak of again, because I'm having flashbacks.

Instead! Let us speak of the books! Or let hradzka.

Once you get past GHOST's initial spleen-venting, the PALADIN OF SHADOWS series falls into a much-maligned, much-loved genre which, for lack of a better name, I call "Man Builds Stuff and Gets Lots of Pussy." This is, quite frankly, what got me reading the series: I am not much for stories of a guy just killing terrorists and getting laid a lot; but let him start building a small kingdom while killing terrorists and getting laid a lot, and I am there. I confess that have a soft spot for these kinds of stories. I suspect that *lots* of men do: even if we don't build things ourselves, we like to *read about* guys building things: castles, weapons, companies, societies. It's really very soothing; it combines the pleasures of fiction with a those of a do-it-yourself manual.

I still love that bit. Because it's true. My favorite books and favorite fic, at some point, have one of three things: creating a new county/barony/principality; creating a new kingdom/empire/fief; creating a new religion/religion/religion. Organization is soothing and watching the step by step process of it is very similiar to curling up with a cat and a good spreadsheet. It's not quite a moment you take notes on How to Get Your Godhead Declared (protip: giant worms make everything easier), but it also reminds you that in this world, there is still room for creativity.

If you missed it, I have no clue where you have been, because really. My God. Greatest book review ever. Also, I feel it is less likely I will find myself ending today standing on some sort of roof and waving a fist toward the sky. No idea where that might have come from.

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(Deleted comment)
It never fails to make me start choking, no matter what my original mood is.

I'm just bummed he was at Aggiecon THIS spring and not, say, NEXT spring. Because I think he'd have gotten a kick out of a panel audience filled with folks wearing The Shirts.

I see you found the Goldberg review!

Still not breathing evenly. God I wish I'd been around for that.

Yes! Building shit! I will also read any book ever where people have to make a lean-to/hovel/abandoned cottage/box car fit habitation. And I will put up with Mercedes Lackey because there are passages where she gives Victorians good nutritional advice!


The importation of hookers is what really makes it work.

Heh. I'll have to read it.

On another note: Gor novels! **flashback** I read these when I was 13 and staying over with a friend of my mother's while she was out of town for a few weeks. I thought they would be something like the John Carter of Mars series by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Umm, no. Those books scarred me for life.

For life, I tell you.

OH JOHN RINGO, NO! *runs off to scrub brain*


thank you for hijacking my entire afternoon!

I was surfing while eating lunch, and thought - 'oh, I'll reread that, cause it's awfully fun' - but when I shut down my computer at 5:30 was on page 3 of the comments, and hadn't made it back to LJ. arrived home a few minutes ago to skip=100; I'm thinking it might be a while before I go to bed

Belatedly, as I've been away: thanks ever so much for the kind words. I can't tell you how deeply they're appreciated.

(I was interested to see my Fanlore mentions, as I always thought that my chief notoriety in fandom was as a reviewer of Buffy and Angel episodes. It's interesting to see that not too many folks remember those any more.)

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