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I'm having a crisis of definition regarding Svmaria.

Granted, she was the alternate identity for Alessandra84, but I'm not sure, at least according to common definition, that the identity itself was just a puppet. I think it was at first, but from what Alessandra said (and my memory is hazy, anyone have those caps?), Svmaria wasn't created as a supplement, but more as a successor, and to be honest, she was using it as a fully alternate identity (though was Alessandra promoting Svmaria? I have no idea). It seems more along the lines of a fairly separate identity on its own, so I'm wary of classifying her only as a puppet--while unethical, I mean, I seriously doubt if that if the shenanigans hadn't occurred, anyone would have done more than raise their eyebrows or be cranky for a bit. Or really care.

Opinions? Questions? I started writing that out and then read it again and I'm not sure it's entirely accurate.

Under The Beginning, first two paragraphs. Is that clear or does this sound like I am describing a particularly complicated Faces of Eve moment badly? I'm not even sure I'm right, but honestly, up until it all went bad, she wasn't exceptionally wanky from what I understand.
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