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on this day in history, add two months....
children of dune - leto 1
I'm having a crisis of definition regarding Svmaria.

Granted, she was the alternate identity for Alessandra84, but I'm not sure, at least according to common definition, that the identity itself was just a puppet. I think it was at first, but from what Alessandra said (and my memory is hazy, anyone have those caps?), Svmaria wasn't created as a supplement, but more as a successor, and to be honest, she was using it as a fully alternate identity (though was Alessandra promoting Svmaria? I have no idea). It seems more along the lines of a fairly separate identity on its own, so I'm wary of classifying her only as a puppet--while unethical, I mean, I seriously doubt if that if the shenanigans hadn't occurred, anyone would have done more than raise their eyebrows or be cranky for a bit. Or really care.

Opinions? Questions? I started writing that out and then read it again and I'm not sure it's entirely accurate.

Under The Beginning, first two paragraphs. Is that clear or does this sound like I am describing a particularly complicated Faces of Eve moment badly? I'm not even sure I'm right, but honestly, up until it all went bad, she wasn't exceptionally wanky from what I understand.

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I think it makes sense. It looks like she created svmaria just as a new pseud, and without more evidence that she did crazy things with it at that time, I don't think you can attribute motive to her at that point.

*nods* I'm more wary after reading about other authors having changed pseuds and not claimed earlier ones, for whatever reason, to dismiss her as a sockpuppet and not classify her as a pseude gone bad.

Heh. No matter how many ways I frame a sentence about this, it still sounds weird.

Yeah, I know someone who desperately wanted her pseud for gen and het and her pseud for explcit slash kept separate, because of her parents and friends who she thought wouldn't understand. She didn't change her mind about that, and she's passed away now. I guess if she had survived to Live Journal days, people would wank about it and accuse her of being a sockpuppet.

Writing bios for my dead friends has made me a little depressed.

*winces* The ones I've written so far are mostly people no longer active in fandom or, that I can find, in any related forum. It's been disheartening--it's not until I see a list that I realize how many people inspired me and did so much and are lost, sometimes with the body of their works.

Yeah, there's some people I've googled and literally can't find anything I can postively identify as them after the 80s. In some cases, it has to be because they were using a pseud, and they've changed it. (In SW zines, some people took pseuds that didn't sound fannish, like for instance "Ellen Randolph." There's no way now that you would look at that and assume it's a pseud, but it is.) But a lot of people who started in the 70s in Trek fandom and moved to SW used their real names, and they just...aren't there anymore.

It's a relief when I google someone and find their personal homepage. It's like "Hah! You're alive!"

Sighs. I think you should set up a redirect for Alessandra84, and any other major ones someone might know her for. Then, if you can, some kind of list of her known identities?

I have a list. The problme is, Svmaria really does, at this point, count as her own person, since I'm not sure Alessandra84 really had that kind of interaction with fandom. You see why I started frowning over the beginning. She really *is* Svmaria now, so that identity is the one that's documentable.

Wow, this is headache inducing.

*nods* From a fandom point of view, she is svmaria. That's the name she was known under at the time of lipglossgate, after all. At this point I don't think it really matters that the other pseud came first.


I'm so glad I didn't really get involved in that.

alessandra was there first, and she was suppose to be a mother with a child (boy or girl I do not remember), but generally she described herself as a shy person, who was also busy in RL and such, working etc... , taking care of her kid. Alas with such a bio, she could not pretend to be 24/7/year to be online .
so after knowing alessandra for a while, she introduced me to svmaria, her friend. young, plenty of time, online access around the clock. etc.

that's about how I remember it from 3 or 4 years ago.

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