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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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it's too early for this
children of dune - leto 1
Here is an unanticipated problem with the To-Do list that I'm using my Talk:Seperis page for. Apparently, having a place to leave myself notes on who to add (again, I remember associatively, so while adding to Trekiverse, say, I'll suddenly remember RIGHT XYZ DID THAT THING THEN) and it used to be I'd do it OMG RIGHT NOW or you know, forget.

Here's what I didn't know about 'forgetting'--this is a defense mechanism your brain uses to keep you from snapping and declaring yourself dictator for life of jennland (and various territories). A To-Do list, while really awesome, also has its drawbacks. Now if I don't do it immediately, i add it here to do later. I must be forgetting about eighty percent of everything I wanted to remember, because since starting it, it has not exactly done what sane people would call shrinking.

Link for the morbidly curious.

You will notice, to inspire myself, I split it between Completed, In Progress, and To Add. Strangely, that was far less inspiring than anticipated.

Going to go try to blink slowly and work out how I got to this point in my life.

Around LJ

Because my flist this morning was killing me.

mrshamill did not kill her boss, glitterlube finds meaning in shark alternate sexuality and reproduction, and svmadelyn abandoned me to die alone. Due to this, amireal and synecdochic have moved up in my will and get to inherit Child and all his game stations and various books on robotics, reptiles, and human cloning. Good luck with that!

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dibs on game station and child if he becomes evil genius when not looking!

I pity you. I am so glad to hear it.

You need to take a break. Bring Child and mother out tomorrow--I'm at a craft fair in Brentwood. You'll love it, plus it's only a short drive from there to Central Market: http://www.violetcrownfestival.com/index.htm

C'mon, you know you wannnaa....

Hmm. I have to go look at bridesmaid's dresses. *narrow eyes* Maybe I will have the flu....

(Deleted comment)
It is a sad to-do list.

Wow, I feel really loved right now.

I would never inflict Child on you. He's promised during his reign of terror, he will totally avoid my freinds. *sighs* So that is something.

So! When are you going to start planning to overthrow Madelyn in revenge?

I would also like to know: Do you have a list of qualifiers of what you and/or the wiki consider as BNFs? I am honestly curious about this, and no one knows. Though I do like the people on my flist who suggested that in order to become one they had to have sex with that person.

Aww, I'm on the list.

Also, I have approximately 28938493843 MJ Wank links I can send you.

I am very very surprised you are not using hiveminder. It seems like just your thing.

I do not even understand your to-do list and that... doesn't really even scare me, for some reason. So I guess that's good.

Send your Child over here to stay with my Child and let them have fun together while we all have fun apart from them. Mine has apparently been playing some game where you choose a character (Emo, Troll or Camera Ho) and then go troll communities in LJ. I do not understand therefore I do not care. Or something like that.

Yippee! I'm leaving in less than an hour!!

Hee! That is a--unique game. *g*

Personally, I'm all for snapping and declaring myself dictator for life of Domenikaland, but I also spend meetings at work explaining to colleagues why fascism is the only way to get things done....

I'm not sure whether to be relieved or insulted that I'm not on your to-do list. (Oh, wait, how did that come out?) Nonetheless, I'm impressed by it.

Even if I think you'd be better served catching up on H:LotS. (Have you gotten up to "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" yet?")

I'm going to beg pathetically for your help. I've never done anything to a wiki before. I was trying to edit my User:Risha page, and I'm pretty sure that I accidentally made it into a plain old Risha page. The help pages aren't helping much. Is there a way to fix this?

Heeeeeellllllppppp! *cries of pain to whomever is listening*

Ahh, you are doing your public page, not your private one.

For your regular one, click here: http://fanlore.org/w/index.php?title=User:Risha&action=edit

Copy everything in regular risha into that then click save and you're good to go!

*UNmorbidly clicks link*

Spots the 'Contents' on the far right: Completed people, People in progress, People to *Add*...

Now, about this cloning experiment - are you sure that is child doing that and not you??

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