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children of dune - leto 1
Naps are evil, but damned if they aren't intersting. And relaxing. And--lots of other words.

Hiding from OotP spoilers. It's like a minefield out there--one foot wrong and boom. Spoiled. Which I have avoided assiduously. But still. *shivers*

Bought "The Ring" last weekend and still haevn't gotten around to watching it. I have a weird relationship with movies that scare me--or logical. I watch them during daylight. And only have time at night. Hence, it sits on my DVD player and mocks me.

It's getting darkish again, see. Grr. Stupid nap.

Grr. But! A ray of light. Of a kind.

Roomies, part seven is up! Lex is such a brat. And I like him that way. *happy sigh* Brat, brat, brat. But so pretty.

I want more, dammit. The Summer of WiPs is the biggest tease ever. And where *is* Altville anyway?

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Funny thing about "The Ring". I was expecting to be scared out of my wits...and I wasn't. It was interesting and had a couple of pretty good "gotcha!"s but nothing to write home about.

But then I watch Clive Barker movies without a qualm so maybe I'm just strange.

The Ring on DVD?

Let me know what you think after you watch it (the movie and the extras). I haven't watched it myself, but a lot of my friends keep mentioning it (although a few say the original (Japanese?) was a better movie). Blockbuster is just a mile or two away though. :)

BTW, it's been a while. Do you ever chat (AIM/YIM/ICQ/MSN; I just got Trillian and can chat with people on any and all of them at the same time)?

I have some very strict rules when it comes to watching scary movies. Never watch in the dark. Never watch at night. And never watch alone. Which means whenever I want to watch a scary movie I usually end up hosting brunch at my place so it'll be nice and bright and there will be plenty of people for me to grab on to. *g*

And where *is* Altville anyway?

I'm doing my best to stalk Livia for it, but I'm new at this fic-stalking thing. I'm probably too polite for a proper stalker. *sigh*

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