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Got Homicide: Life on the Killing Streets today, because being a fangirl means getting all your source as quickly as you can. Plus, there's only thirteen eps in the first two seasons box set and I have to space them out carefully. And avoid losing a month (a la Due South) and being vaguely shocked when August arrived and I still haven't bought a plane ticket to VVC (yes, this actually happened. August was a total shock).

Also got Jane Aiken's Mansfield Park Revisited, which is at least not the horror that Jane Fairfax or Eliza's Daughter was (both of which make me twitch, esp Eliza's Daughter). It's not great by any means, but I can squint and conceivably see this as a possible future, sort of.

Also, for anyone who likes Pride and Prejudice sequels, the mysterious Shades of Pemberley, which was published in the--thirties? Forties?-- and never re-released and thus became kind of a P and P legend, has finally been re-released and looks interesting. I think I'll schedule that one for next month. From internet P and P related buzz, it's supposed to be really good and until now, copies were hiked up pretty freaking high for a copy. So let us all hope. I'm curious.

(Still have not read House of Leaves. I'm tempted to wait until the next convention and make someone sit with me the whole time while reading it. Possibly holding my hand.)
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