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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
Huh. So far, six LJ spam comments today. Anyone else?

(Still did not read House of Leaves, but scared self badly enough to sleep in living room. No, go ahead and mock. I mean, really. That was just sad.)

I am tempted to go seek out that cat-bowels-related coffee. I mean, I know it's like, the equivalent of throwing money in the air to watch it burn after covering it in waste, but--I'm curious!

More pearls of wisdom like above later.

ETA: grammarwoman posted a link to this about the Russian friend bots if you're curious.

ETA 2: Make that seven spams. *sighs*

ETA 3: Eight spam all in a row.

six LJ spam comments today

Me. I've been getting them off and on this week.

I'm not getting spam comments, but I'm getting friended and defriended by a ton of random russian-language journals.

Ditto. For weeks now, actually.

(Deleted comment)
It runs for 99 dollars a cup in Britain.


I just got one, on a comment I left praising a vid quite a while ago.

This, yes. It's just so weird.

No spam, but I've noted this strange pattern in the last few weeks: a Russian LJ user friends me, unfriends three days later; nothing for two days, then another Russian user friends me, unfriends three days later... and so on. Different user each time, but regular as clockwork.

I don't get it.


Now that is interesting. drlense above says the same thing.

I wonder if they were checking your lj for activity since you're dominantly flocked.

Have you seen the post here about the Russian friend bots?

I perused the other posts under that tag, but I didn't see anything about random comment spam.

Added to my post. Thank you!

I'd avoid that coffee for now, given that civets have been linked to SARS.


I mean, it's one thing to get it from a marketplace, or someone else with the disease, but seriously, from poop-coffee? No, that'd be highly embarrassing on top of um. Deadly.

Seriously. You get to the afterlife, and everyone asks how you died. "Um, I got sick after eating pooped coffee." and as Arlo Guthrie once put it "And they all moved away from me on the bench".

Oh man, I'd be mocked for ever. Literally.

I have been getting spam comments to only one particular post in one particular LJ (not mine, but one I'm a maintainer of). It's...odd.

AND YOU! WITH YOUR FANLORING! Or should I say fanlorewhoring? You made me register as a user, and now I'm all nervous about adding content, but I did set up my userpage and it's ALL YOUR FAULT.

Want help with a walkthrough or you wanna work it out on your own? I'm not an expert or anything, but I'm comfy adding and editing. *G*

I've had the Russian bots for ages (though mine are all suspended now, I believe), but the spam comments are new. None on my own LJ yet, but I've seen them around. Gah.

I really liked House of Leaves. I was surprised, actually. It was real effort to read, though. Not light entertainment.

I noticed that while skimming it. I'm excited, because that kind of format is fascinating, but also, you know, terrified. *G*

(Deleted comment)
OH, I read about that. *shudders* Reminds me I need to change my password again.

(Deleted comment)
House of Leaves is one of the most frightening books I've ever read in my entirely life. And I come from a family where we used to rent horror movies by the dozens and spend all weekend watching them. I am a horror CONNOISSEUR. And I couldn't read HoL after dark. At all.

It's not just the story, it's the format. I found myself scrutinizing every little blot on the page, trying to figure out if it was there on purpose, or whether it was just a printing error or what. It makes you doubt yourself in this really terrifying metatextual way. Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing? And if so, what does it MEAN??

Oooh, that's what I'm hoping for. I love doing that with text.

...to terrify myself. *shudders*

I started getting spammed today. The bots thing is annoying, and somewhat disappointing.

I used to get absurdist but conspiratorial responses to very old posts or comments from this elaborate art trolling project. They would link you to all sorts of bargain basement surrealist posts until you reached a manifesto about identity and investing too much in online personas.

The Russian bots, on the other hand, just use the same random prose excerpt generator as spammers. They respond to random old posts. I have no idea why they do it, but it creeps me out.

At least my email spam is creative and someitmes funny--this is not. Dammit.

And yeah, they're hitting older posts on me, too. I do not envy LJ Support right now.

(Deleted comment)
I bookmarked just in case. I'd heard vaguely about it, but the sheer scope of what she's posting is double wow.

Huh. I hadn't heard anything about this but was curious, clicked over to the "bots" post, and then looked and found that one had friended me. Since I don't offer much in the way of interesting content (and in fact lately I don't offer much of anything at all), it's entirely unlikely that someone I don't know would friend me. So, they are reported now.

(the person keeping track of it all at the other end of that link -- wow, they're devoting some time to it. also, they guilted me into responding to a poll that I otherwise would not have by being upset that X-number of unique IP addresses had accessed the post, but only, like, .25X had responded to the poll. and, uh, they are keeping a list of those who don't respond...yikes! that's dedication?)

*laughs* It is, isn't it? I'm impressed. And you know, a bit scared.