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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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homicide, the continuing adventures
children of dune - leto 1
Homicide, having seen eps 1-3...

Tell me I'm supposed to want Pembleton to arrest me and subject me to a looooong interrogation. I admit, though, the tie is getting to me. It's so mathematically neat and tidy that I keep hoping someone grabs it and viciously dismembers it with scissors.

Bayliss continues to make me want to make him soup and give him lots of stuffed animals because that man is not sleeping. I mean, like, ever.

Also, Munch never ages. I cannot tell you how much it freaks me out to go to SVU and see he is exactly the same. It's also weirding me out I recognize way too many actors so far. In a very fun way.

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oh, I loved Homicide. It was my first cop/procedural drama. The transformation of Bayliss over the life of the series is by turns heartbreaking and freaking awesome. And my version of god looks and sounds just like Richard Belzer.

damn, and now I had to go and google and realized Season 1&2 were on sale. so much for my "no more dvds until I've watched everything I own" rule.

I said on Saturday it was fifteen somethign on Amazon! IT IS LIKE THEY GIVE YOU THE FIRST HIT FOR CHEAP.

yeah, I just saw your previous post after missing it this weekend. obviously god/Richard Belzer wants me to own this.

*solemn* That is exactly what I thought! And it is true.

He's just--guh. And kinda scary smart. And so terrifyingly neat. He needs to get muddy. It was adorable when he got sprayed with the hose.

He's amazingly awesome. Beyond words. And that's my favorite episode - Night of the Dead Living. Sigh. They're all so awesome, but Frank is the most awesome.

Oh, Frank.

God's Favorite Cop.

(Someday someone will write that Perfect Crossover.)

He makes me want to do many criminal activities.


*coughs* um, sorry. I have a LOVE of Homicide SO MUCH! Is this the first time you've seen the series? it rules!

Also, you are SO correct about Munch!

Also, I forgot to mention, no words I have can describe my love of Frank.

The character of John Q. Munch has appeared on: Homicide, Law & Order, Law & Order SVU, Law & Order: Trial by Jury, The X-Files, The Wire, The Beat, Arrested Development, and, heaven help us, Sesame Street: Special Letters Unit. I think he holds the record for a character that has appeared on so many divers shows; I cannot think of any other character that has spanned so many universes!

I especially love that it means X-Files, Arrested Development, and Law & Order all exist in the same fictional universe.

I think what might finally break my brain is that Sesame Street and X-Files exist in the same fictional universe. o.O

As the mother of small children, I have never doubted this.

He was a puppet on Sesame Street, like Angel in the episode "Smile Time" -- so maybe we can opt in the Buffyverse as well!

Have you gotten to the episode where Pembleton parses Ancient Greek at sight? His pitiless intelligence was the whole reason I watched that show.

(That and the fact that every once in a while, even in the first season, I'd look at Bayliss and wonder whether he was the dark kind of crazy. Which means, the later seasons were very satisfying thematically, despite a certain obvious tendency to factual retcon.)

If you ever get around to giving Bayliss soup, let me know so I can follow that up with hugs. Poor guy needs 'em.

I think Munch has looked like that since he was about 12...


Wow, I was just telling someone how good that series was the other day.

I haven't seen it for years, but I remember being absolutely hypnotised by it.

I loved this show so much growing up, and I'm just getting to watch it again now. Pembleton! Pembleton and Bayliss! Munch and Howard! Meldrick Lewis, oh my heart!

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