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I am hungry. This is not particularly interesting in itself, which is why there will be somewhat more to this entry than merely that. I would say the thrill of fanloreing is gone, but sadly, no, it's not, when I found myself plumbing the dark and dangerous depths of google groups to locate a particular FAQ post made in alt.startrek.creative prior to 1999.

Normally, I would admit it was crazy and think it's funny. But no, this is deathly serious because I do not know if I can go on if I don't know exactly when the archive changed to Trekiverse and who staffed ASCA mod positions from founding until 2002.

So that was more than me saying I am hungry, no?

You know, I know there was something else I used to do in fandom. I know it.

(Also, still bracing myself to read House of Leaves. I've had it for months, and in all ways it still freaks me out. I can't even explain why. It just is.)
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