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The Toybox

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two recs of weird fiction
children of dune - leto 1
Hmm. There's a term for this type of fiction. I have no idea what it is, but it is fun. And you know, if you are like me and overthink everything, pretty terrifying.

Anyway, non-fanfic, and someone said they were in the House of Leaves family of stories, so.

Dionaea House, a story told in email and chat logs. After done, go livejournal and here, and finally here.

ETA: And several other pages too found by clicking about. Huh.

I, for one, am spooked. And also, never a closet again.

For added claustrophobia, Ted's Caving Page, which actually freaks me out a lot.

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I love Dionaea House. I try to reread it for Halloween. The surprise is lessened, but it still is a great bit of storytelling.

There's this gentleman who was studying what he calls "hyperfiction." I'm not sure if he's still doing it, or if the style has died out.

That thing is *deeply fun*.

Oh thank you for the link!

Oh, yes! I ran across those two within the span of about a week, a couple years ago. I love them both. But especially the caving one. (Weirdly, it cured me of my fear of closets and other small dark spaces.)

Did you get the 2005 updates with loreen's lj?

Seriously, this is *awesome*. *glee*

Okay, I'm up to Loreen's LJ. What's next?

Tha'ts all. *mystery continues* The house is slowly eating them all.

Aaah, thank you for posting this! I've been wanting to re-read Dionaea House and could not remember the name of it. And I remember Ted's Caving Page gave me some really cool nightmares. ;P

Yeah, I think I'mnot sleeping well tonight.

(Deleted comment)
*shudders* The tiny spaces!

Oh wow, that was a fun fun fun read! I can't wait for it to be turned into a movie :D Also, this is saya415 by the way... I changed my lj name and I didn't carry over my f-list... Do you think you can add me back?

You show as added back. *confused*


I did an entry on this! I'd misplaced someone! I couldn't figure out where they were.

*laughs* I saw that entry and didn't realize it was about me!!! Eep! Thanks for the addback :D

It was very stressful! I couldn't figure out how I lost someone! I WAS VERY UPSET.

I was fortunate enough to pick up on Dionaea House before it finished. We really weren't entirely sure it was fake - I mean, obviously it's not entirely real either, but if he'd had someone else write up the blog entries it would have totally passed muster. For some reason the caving one just kinda made me laugh, though. I'm more agoraphobic than claustrophobic, that might have to do with it.

*hee* Dionaea is neat. I can see how it would feel real.

Thanks for the links!


(Deleted comment)

Re: Ted's cave - fiction

Oh, you are awesome. Thank you!

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