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The Toybox

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quick postscript
children of dune - leto 1
Postscript to the last entry.

For anyone who was in Star Trek, especially the newsgroups and the earlier mailing lists, I'm keeping a running tab of the people I've added here. Enough of you were on the usenet and lists to remember and flesh out my explanations--if you can, please do so. I'm going to theoretically aim for five people a day from the Trek Meet and Greet list, which take that one with a grain of salt, to at least get the grounding of what I remember, but honestly, a lot are just names I knew, not necessarily interacted with, and their entries need fleshing.

Especially needed is more on Macedon, Peggy Robinson, and Talking Stick/Circle, please, along with the PTFever members and ASC members who came and went. And more on the history of Trekiverse woulnd't hurt either; I was only on the archive committee for about a year or so and I need to review my email to remember what I was doing there other than helping with the voting process.

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Are you interested in TOS also? I have a friend who was and is a bnf there, but isn't real hooked into LJ stuff for various reasons. She's actually headed up recent historical projects on the early history of k/s.

Also, you are making me remember!!! The first fandom I Lurked in obsessively was Voyager, omg Talking Stick Circle!! I didn't realize, did you write in Voyager OMG?!?! I discovered your writing, I *thought*, through a friend in Brokeback who made me read Smallville. And then I decided to stalk you wherever you went.*g* I wonder if I read you back then, too and somehow didn't realize it??

Voyager, 1999-2000 I was posting in ASC, ASCEML, and PTF, yep. *g* It was fun.

Okay, I almost died of embarrassment there, because seriously, how rude of me! But then I realized, checking your site, it's because you wrote Parris/Torres, which was something I just didn't read.

My gateway drug into fanfic was Janeway/Chakotay. And then later, after I'd sampled some slash for the first time in West Wing, I came back for the Chakotay/Paris.

Heh. It has some very odd flashback moments for me, too.

I think this is a fantastic thing you've taken on. I'd love to help where I can, time permitting.

*g* I'd hoped you'd say that.

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