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recording history

There is a part of me that wants to make a project of listing everyone here in fanlore. I have done--five. There are five million. Give or take. Just for Trek.

Dear God.


See, the thing is, the wiki is a lot of things to many people, but it's, for me, a living memory. Which is--awesome and breathtaking and how I'm doing some of the user pages probably wont' make sense and will be erased by someone else, but I remember associatively, so I did a lot of interconnect between people and people, people and lists, people and places, which I'm not entirely sure is what the wiki wants to be. I guess it's sort of a fannish interconnection thing I'm expressing through multilinkage, that you can't really know a fandom unless you know the people, and you can't know the people unless you know who they hung out with.

I'm not sure, in other words, that I'm doing it right. I just don't want anyone forgotten. Inevitably, people will be, I suppose, but it can't hurt to try and remember and record as many as I can. I've been going back through the link above and my folders of list email eventually wil be pulled out to see people I missed and what they did, and what they wrote, and their lists and their communities and their cowriters. I listed out everyone I cowrote with on my user page so I can go back and add them in and I'm trying to remember all my betas ever which should be a hell of a lot easier, but I'm a packrat, not necessarily all that well organized.

At least I can honestly say I now have something to do when I'm bored.
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