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Nominations Are Open at The Treasury
children of dune - leto 1

Nominations have opened for The Treasury: SV Fan Fic Awards on the_treasury. The time period will run June 21, midnight CST through July 4, midnight CST. Rules and procedure are outlined here and at the webpage at http://illusions.illuminatedtext.com/thetreasury/awards.html.

Yep. There we go.

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Since you can nominate as many stories as you wish per category (is that right?), does it matter if you don't make all of your nominations in one LJ comment?

Oh God no. *g* Especially during the second round, I dont even know if it will be POSSIBLE to get it all in one LJ comment. So sure. Use as many comments as you need to get all your nominations down.

I really, really should have clarified that. *g*

It's possible that you already had. I'm having a slow, warm afternoon, so I'm not at my most...observant. *g*

The Treasury

Hi again! Is it possible to nominate a story for more than one section in a particular category? For instance, in 'BY TYPE', could I nominate the same story for 'Best Drama' and for 'Best Futurefic' or do I need to pick one or the other?
Sorry to be picky, but I'm having trouble deciding which section to put certain stories in because they just have so many aspects!

Absolutely, go for it. The only restriction is in the By Length group, for obvious reasons. *g*

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