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children of dune - leto 1
Homicide seasons one and two abruptly went down in price and of course, that requires buying it. As one does when DVD sets go on sale.

I feel this could assist in keeping me from abruptly googling when the first Five Things challenge occurred, as I spent part of last night working out it was prior to March 2003.

God, this show is good.

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Still my favorite TV show ever. The pilot is brilliant in a way that few pilots are and there are true gems all throughout. Except Season 7, which is best forgotten. And you'll be hard-pressed to find a fanficcer who goes past Season Five.

Also my first fandom, where I was introduced to 'no, really, you can slash them' (and I did), and the het and gen and slash all happily coexisted. Best place ever for a fandom newbie.

So far I'm impressed with it. And crushing on Pembleton and Bayliss like whoa. And OMG MUNCH. Who I love on SVU so very much.

I jsut wish the picture quality was a little higher, though.

FrankenTim... yeah. When you get to Seasons 4-5, you can compare-and-contrast them with Lewis-and-Kellerman (they didn't get as good a portmanteau) with the angst and silliness.

Partnership in general is a massive and wonderful theme in H:LotS. How it stretches, breaks, doesn't ever really break, binds, and can sometimes just fail. Each character has a partnership arc in addition to whatever else they got going on. (For extra credit, see how this gets applied in Fontana's Oz.)

If you're only complaining about picture quality... I know several people who couldn't watch because of the jumpy camera.

No, just graininess sometimes, especially noticeable in black-black, but not so much that I'll cry into my oatmeal. *g* I'm trying to convince my mother to watch next; this is so much her type of show.

I haven't noticed jumpy camera work, but those generally dno't bother me much.

Oh, man, I loved that show so much. (I really don't think my parents should have been letting me watch it at my young age.) I've never been able to see Andre as anyone other than Frank Pembleton.

I love that show! I also love seeing some familiar faces as I've been watching The Wire.

oh, I adored Homicide so damn much! while I've always been fannishly natured, I count it as my first true fandom, because with the newfangled (1998) internet and the power of a search engine, I discovered fanfic and hence the wonderful world of slash.

it honestly felt like coming home and I still treasure some of the friends I made then

Homicide is easily one of my all time favorites. Streaming brilliance.

Hmm, I wonder if it's on sale here, too...

Amazon and Target, fifteen dollars for seasons one and two. It was like MUST HAVE NOW.


Going there now.




De-tec-tive Munch.

You gonna neutron the bastard? I don't even wanna be in the building when you turn that thing on.

Don't lie to me like I'm Montel Williams. I AM NOT MONTEL WILLIAMS!

HLOTS was my first online fandom. Sigh.

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