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livejournal emergency!
children of dune - leto 1
Is anyone losing all css and formatting for livejournal and also some icons? As this is happening to me and I hate being a snowflake. Tell me I am not a snowflake.

Problems - userinfo page, flist loses half of icons, some communities no formatting on main page.

Also, superslow load time like woah.

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Not to me, but they did just roll out some new site wide changes and such. So it's probably a combination of that and a slow load time on your side.

Perhaps they are rolling something out by cut of beef again.

Happened to me earlier in the week, with pages loading w/o formatting or graphics or icons, and I know a couple people on my f-list complained about losing icons, only to have them reappear hours later.

My guess is LJ is fucking around with "improvements" again. Either that, or aliens.

It's been happening to me intermittently all week.

(Deleted comment)
The new update for Firefox is messing with some codes. I don't know how or anything just that a community had to adjust their layout and then my sister had to find a new one due to it.... *shrugs*

(Deleted comment)
Since they did an update, autoformatting has been trashed for me in posting. Which I hate, hate, hate! I don't know how to do a cut tag in html damn it. *pouts*

<lj-cut text="text here"> or <lj-cut>

stuff in cut


*helpful face!*

That sometimes happens to me, but it usually lasts less than half an hour.

Not today, but it's a kind of page-loading error that happens to me frequently on a slow connection or when the site seems to be running way slow or whatever. Refreshing the page tends to bring back the view I'm used to getting.

I just saw where the css was completely gone on a comm. I had problems with graphics not loading yesterday, and on another comm, people were experiencing the "that's not my icon" situation that happened a while ago.

Recently, I've been experiencing more and more Page Loading Errors for LJ.

Ah. Not just me then. Though the slow loading (and I mean glacially) lasted from about 1800 Tues night to when I went to bed at 2200 on Wed. Drove me batshit.

It got better eventually.

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