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Okay, I would kill for Fanlore to be a little more clear on where to ask what kind of questions. No, I have no clue how they'd do it either; I love the talk pages. Just sometimes, I'm not sure which talk page to use.

Anyway, for those playing Whee Wiki (my drug, it is fanlore), question. I figured out how to create a template to insert Accessed Date Here, but is there something that you can use to insert date already somewhere? It's for the external links or reference links last accessed thing. Yes, I tried the triple tilde mentioned on wikipedia.

Things Accomplished

1.) Added common categories to Template:ArchiveProfile, Template:FanProfile, and Template:CommunityProfile. So now if someone uses the template, they don't have to manually add unless they need to sort (such as, by last name or not by "The" or "A", etc). This pleases me, as I am lazy and having it done automatically when I use the template is happiness. Also, if there are subcategories created for say, Archives or something, then I can just add it there and boom, all the pages using that template get it.

It's like Christmas, really.

2.) Added more people. Yay! There is dancing involved.

3.) Added a page for sv_inquiry, Dead Letters Challenge, overheardfandom, and several archives.

4.) Did not figure out how to add a second extended CommunityProfile template yet to a page. It throws the whole page off, but I don't want to dramatically change the original template, as that way leads to a.) unhappy people who already used it and have to go back and edit or b.) I have to go back and hand edit the changes in to the entries that are using them and they may not want the extension. I'd go with divs, but that's really customizing it and I want these really easy to use as I am lazy and like to cut/paste quickly.

Remember to come join and add your bit! The Stargate: Atlantis pages and character subpages are awesome. apple_pi, ratcreature, anatsuno, some_stars, and okay, a ton of other people are doing a fantastic job filling it in.

I feel like I'm forgetting something obvious.

ETA: On my user profile, I added quick links to some of the most commonly used templates with short explanations. You can find them here. This explanation is not official--I am not on the wiki committee--but what has worked for me. YMMV.
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