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The Toybox

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final notice! dvd commentary challenge ending!
children of dune - leto 1
I know there's something I'm supposed to be doing other than editiing FanLore....



DVD Commentary Challenge

We're up to the wire now. Plz to be getting your commentaries in. You have all of today. Go at it! Go to dvd_commentary whenever you are ready.

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*laughs* DUDE, I was just editing a huge history of the SSA in, and then when I finally hit submit, it wouldn't let me because someone had edited the page since I first opened the edit box, and I was like WHAT? Who could possibly be editing this page in the last five minutes?

Anyway, I managed to get it all in there. :D

*winces* That's happened to me twice. I was just removing the manual categories since I added them to the archive template. I was only in there *five seconds*.

Oh. There is new content? *goes to look*

Yeah, I suppose I should put up a page for myself now, but is there a self-page template? I looked but couldn't find one.

For youself, its the User:Liviapenn, which is what you edit to put up about yourself. Liviapenn without user is the one that is *about* you, not by you, if that makes sense.

Use the Template:UserProfile: http://fanlore.org/wiki/Template:UserProfile for that one. Set the Category to Fanlore Contributors. Hmm, let me see if I can get that to autoinsert too.

This might help.


I just made a list of the templates I've used or created and what they do there.

Oh! That is helpful.

So then, are you not supposed to create the page "about" you? Or are you only supposed to add facts with citations, and then the user page is for, like, your personal statements about you?

User:Liviapenn is whatever you want it to be. You control content on that one, so you can put anything there you like. the wiki/Liviapenn is the one open to other people to write about your personage.

I created my wiki/Seperis because I needed someplace to test when I finished writing a template. *G* Then I realized I could create a sandbox for that.

You can create the wiki/Liviapenn too. Other people have.

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