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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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it only looks like obsession
another frog
Protip to Self: Obsessively clicking Fanlore: Recent Changes does not, in fact, speed up people adding more pages. You are just crazy.

*clicks refresh*

*clicks again*

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(Deleted comment)
Mmm chocolate.

It's like a drug! New and exciting things are being added!

Hi - Maybe these are stupid questions - but we can just add websites and informataion about fandoms - as we know it? There is a bunch of stuff I could add about the HP fandom and I'm just a fringe, fringe, off to the far right fringe lurker fan fiction fan. But - I could do that. Also, what about minor history stuff regarding parts of the Buffy fandom. There was a small group of us who actually liked Riley Finn - would this be something that would go into this?

I've never participated in anything like this before or used this sort of updating site, so I'm a little unclear.

More or less? Yes. Everyone though has the right to edit anything (with the exception of protected pages), but yes, this is a community endeavor. So go forth, add to history! (And make me new pages to read!)

Yes! Put it all in. It's really cool to watch the information being assembled, as people from various parts of fandom come forward with what they know and their experiences, creating this fabulous picture of what has gone on. It makes for some great reading.

*grins* I love watching multiple people edit. Though I wish someone would add the slash debate regarding whether or not slash could also be defined as any non-canonical pairings and slash could also be defined as only non-canonical gay pairings. I'd do it myself, but I know that debate is old and the only one I remember is the one Livia had in SV that led to ClarkLex list being created.


Haha, I totally just add “There is some controversy over whether X or Y” and hope someone will come along and fill it in. The awesome thing is-- and maybe there's something wrong with me for thinking so, but when I'm wrong, I get corrected almost instantly, and I think that's great.

I keep checking to see if anyone's added anything I can add to. This is like crack.

You are, quite honestly, the best pimp EVER for that site. Every time I see you post about it and link to it, I end up adding another page!

*dies* I am such a junkie. I want to make everyone go over there and add stuff. *GLEE* I am easy like that.

(Deleted comment)
Well, it sort of is? But also kind of a living history open to everyone. And a superdirectory! To everything!

...yes I am still hitting refresh a lot. *nods* Big time.

Oooh addictive - I'm Chameleon. I got to add entries on bulletproof kink, mpreg, and squick. Perhaps I should also add a "my shame is broken" entry.


This could get interesting...

[Bad username: http://betsyb-fh.livejournal.com/profile], is going around to all of the many communities she is a member of and soliciting additions to the fanhistory wiki. A reaction to Fanlore, Y/Y?

Re: This could get interesting...

*amused* I'm going with Y!

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