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ack! fanlore! stealing brain!
children of dune - leto 1
DVD Commentary Fanlore Page - am I doing these citations correctly? If I am not, help? Are they supposed to be citations or footnotes. Why is this so complicated?

Dear God, I am having flashbacks to ENG II so hard. Any corrections, go in and for the love of God correct it.

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I think you're doing fine. Citations automatically become footnotes when you use the ref tag -- the advantages of this method include autonumbering and there's no need to scroll up and down all the time to add/change them when you're editing.

Don't worry about the format of the citations too much -- they look fine to me. All I see missing is the "date accessed", which you could just add like this: (Accessed 30 September 2008.) to the end of your reference.

Thank you! Added the access date. I'll change it so it's formatted correctly in a bit.

*sends hugs*

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