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fandom hijinks - when good ads go bad
awesome bunny
Okay, so in non-financial death spiral news, remember the Moonlight Ad Wank? If you do not, you should read it and boggle. As there is an update.

Required Reading:

Fandom Wank Report on Moonlight Fandom and the $11,000 Ad Switcheroo

Fandom Wank Report on Moonlight Great IP Bannings, which is on the same board as is owned and moderated by the subject of the above. I know! I was shocked too!

Short version: Person donates 11,000 for Ads about Moonlight, the canceled vampire detective show, and I'll be honest, I miss that show too. Dammit. The money goes through various shenanigans and the person in charge of the money has mysterious problems. If you can't guess what happened next, you have not been in fandom long.

And in personal news, I miss flambeau. *sighs*

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What happened to flambeau? I love her fic.

Third hand info here, so take it with a grain of salt--I read she was just taking a break. But it was on my flist, so I tend to go with that interpretation until forcibly told otherwise. *nods firmly*

I hope it's a temporary break too. I mean, I want her to do what is best for herself, but selfishly I want to see her (virtual) face.

I miss flambeau too. I wasn't on her flist, this seemed like such a sudden disappearance! wah.

I know! It was upsetting!

The moonlight wank made an otherwise miserable Monday briefly awesome. I can't BELIEVE there are still fangirls out there sending money to strangers. Just. No!

I miss Torch too. And I never found out what happened or why she deleted her LJ. If you're in touch, could you let her know Pet wishes her all the best and misses her?

Someone, somewhere, in an entry I saw, said she was just taking a break. Third hand fannish news! But it was on my flist, so I tend to trust it. *hopeful*

They're babyfans. If they stay, they learn. God knows, we all have to either be a part of or be one removed from it happening at least once.

Oh, babyfans. I honestly felt BAD for them, until I realized how viciously some were defending her! Or maybe those are actually sockpuppets? Or relatives? Oh man, I'm far too old and befuddled for all these hijinks. *grin*

I sent her an email and it didn't bounce back! That's hopeful indeed. I hope it's just a break, she's a total gem and I adore her.

I don't thank you often enough for making my days brighter.*g*

Seriously, this just...kinda made my evening. Which, yeah. Kind of tells you how today was.

Just when you think you've seen and heard everything...

Hey, I just thought of something. We need this lady to come over to sga!! Where are OUR $11K bus ads, now that I think about it!? I mean, our show's been cancelled! Oh wait, I remember -- we're, what's that word? Oh, right, *sane" (relatively).

What really boggled me was wandering over to F-W and discovering *major* brou-ha-hage over the fact that *gasp choke* Clay Aiken! is GAY!!

I mean really, the methane creatures on Neptune already knew Clay Aiken was gay. Newborn bunnies knew. How could there be wank?!? Sun rises, water continued wet!

I KNOW. That was--yeah. That was really just a level of denial that's kind of epic.

Greatest Monday ever. So amusing.

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