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fandom hijinks - when good ads go bad

Okay, so in non-financial death spiral news, remember the Moonlight Ad Wank? If you do not, you should read it and boggle. As there is an update.

Required Reading:

Fandom Wank Report on Moonlight Fandom and the $11,000 Ad Switcheroo

Fandom Wank Report on Moonlight Great IP Bannings, which is on the same board as is owned and moderated by the subject of the above. I know! I was shocked too!

Short version: Person donates 11,000 for Ads about Moonlight, the canceled vampire detective show, and I'll be honest, I miss that show too. Dammit. The money goes through various shenanigans and the person in charge of the money has mysterious problems. If you can't guess what happened next, you have not been in fandom long.

And in personal news, I miss flambeau. *sighs*
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