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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
lydiabell is holding the Bailout Challenge. Turn those frowns into porn!

Prison porn.
Write about your favorite characters getting bailed out of jail, bailing water out of a sinking boat, or just plain bailing out. If you think you can twist it to fit the "bailout" theme, that's good enough for me.

...I did not claim I was eloquent today. I am far too boggled for eloquent.

Go. Porn. Write me Fraser/Kowalski? *hopeful*

ETA: God, do they have to show that poor crying stockbroker? *winces* Times to worry--when traders cry on the floor. That just is not good at all.

ETA 2: Now showing picture of man lying despondently across a fence. Seriously, CNN is all about illustrating grief.

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God, do they have to show that poor crying stockbroker?

... you know, I was joking last week about offices on Wall Street no longer having windows that open. It was a JOKE, in my sick morbid joking kind of way... eeeeesh.

*flushes* Me and my boss were making really bad bird-hits-shatterproof-glass jokes about Wall Street.

So. Ashamed. Yet we laughed so hard.

*shifty eyes* By the end of the conversation we were wondering what kind of YouTube jewels could be created with the abandoned!New!York footage of I Am Legend spliced with shambling, zombie stockbrokers.

Check out this past week's series of Sinfest for their take on it. There's links on the bottom to the next ones. Really love the Uncle Sam/Lady Liberty 700 pill, though the raining stockbrokers might just be my favorite.

They're... crying?

I haven't seen that one. I'm glad. That's some ouchy right there.

I'mma start stockpiling canned goods or something.

Get a wheelbarrow! And a mule. I'm trying to remember my grandmother's advice.

(Deleted comment)
It was one of the pics on cnn on the main page about an hour and iffteen minutes ago. now it's some guy laying despondently across a fence.

I swear, CNN was working very hard to freak me out, both with what they were showing and with the various financial commentators freaking out in a very excited fashion. I finally switched the channel. I don't need that.

They have a gift for it.

Seriously, CNN is all about illustrating grief.

I shouldn't find that phrase hilarious, and yet I do.

And.... hmmmm. As far as prison porn, I'm not participating in the challenge, but I can offer some Prison Break prison porn. (You remember the Like a Stone songvid, right? It's those two.)

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