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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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the deluge junior size, if you will
poor me
Wachovia? Really? And now bailouts in Europe?

Go Citigroup. *Rah* Actually, this one makes me sad. My sister has her accounts there which I assume, only understanding about a tenth of what is going on, are FDIC'ed, but I noticed my 457 lost another percentage point which translates to no buying myself poolboys when I'm seventy. Life hard.

I've noticed it's a lot easier and funnier to stop looking at this as "the future of America" and instead look upon it as a morality play about socks. I haven no idea why socks, per se, but I know that if there's a lesson in greed in this, no one who needed the lesson learned a damn thing.

Somewhere, there's got to be a group of people running bets on who crashes next.

ETA: Fine! I feel betrayed by European banks! This is our crash and now they have to try and steal our economic death spiral attention! I resent it! *bitter* Just watch, Asia's next, because it's trendy for banks to fall. Dammit.

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I will never be able to retire. I will die in my tracks at this rate.

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I'm keeping an eye on Capital One. Stock price is rollercoastering though. Up, down. Up, down... And now they have a big old MEMBER FDIC stamp on their website, that I don't think used to be there?

*eyes them* Did their savings rate go up or is that just me? *frowns*

I hate Citigroup. And my investment account - what little there is left of it - is at Wachovia. Oddly enough, it used to be a Prudential Finance account, but then Wachovia bought it out. Eight years of Republicans = no antitrust legislation left, so when the big ones go belly-up, EVERYTHING fails.

Yep. It's like watching dominoes fall over. I'm seriously waiting for runs on the banks.

If it makes you feel any better, I work for a bank and have no fucking idea what's going on or how it's going to effect us right now. Then again, that could be why we're in the situation we're in...

...maybe helps a little. I'm just saying, Europe shouldn't have copied us!

I really, really wish it were your death spiral alone. Sincerely.

*sighs* I think a death-spiralless 2008 should have been my New Year's Resolution now.

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In all fairness the first German bank that went under thanks to the US mortage mess and was bailed out by government was IKB in 2007, so it isn't exactly a new trend...

*darkly* So you say now.

If this is a morality play, the moral of the story seems to be that all the people who cause the problems walk away with huge bonuses (and pool boys) and everyone else pays for it. So it's best for you if you are the one to cause the problem!

I am intrigued by your ideas. Perchance, do you run a newsletter?

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Do you think I could get away with Cantonese? *chews lip* I've heard it's easier.

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Just one point this month? Try four! I've been losing so much on my 457, I don't know why I didn't just say no to signing up and put it in my ING savings. It's not like the city matches anything. Bleah. (After some thought: Dear ING, please do not have a history of investing in sub-prime mortgages and ARMs that I do not know about, KTHX.)

I'm running at a minus ten percent from my total contributions--I have not made money on this thing ever. I can't even sigh at every drop; I'm almost curious now how low it can go.

Best response to the whole mess ever!

I would toss it onto metaquotes, but a) too lazy and b) you would then get even weirder traffic...

Thpppppbbbt. We had to bail out one of our major mortgage lenders before one of yours collapsed completely.

Bah. I don't want to be a Citi customer. Then again, I didn't really want to be with Wachovia, but they bought out First Union.

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