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the deluge junior size, if you will

Wachovia? Really? And now bailouts in Europe?

Go Citigroup. *Rah* Actually, this one makes me sad. My sister has her accounts there which I assume, only understanding about a tenth of what is going on, are FDIC'ed, but I noticed my 457 lost another percentage point which translates to no buying myself poolboys when I'm seventy. Life hard.

I've noticed it's a lot easier and funnier to stop looking at this as "the future of America" and instead look upon it as a morality play about socks. I haven no idea why socks, per se, but I know that if there's a lesson in greed in this, no one who needed the lesson learned a damn thing.

Somewhere, there's got to be a group of people running bets on who crashes next.

ETA: Fine! I feel betrayed by European banks! This is our crash and now they have to try and steal our economic death spiral attention! I resent it! *bitter* Just watch, Asia's next, because it's trendy for banks to fall. Dammit.
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